Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To Jordan and Beyond


     Being a Christian by faith, one of the stories that has always amazed me as a child up to the present is the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites led by Moses as narrated in the Holy Bible, Exodus 13:17 to 14:29.

     I can still feel my heart quiver watching the scene in a movie where slave Israelites escaped the Egyptians led by Moses who as inspired by God drew out his staff which separated the Red Sea into two halves allowing them to walk on dry ground being chased by furious Egyptians on horse carriages. The innocent faces of the young ones being carried by their parents, their livestock and the frail women walking in faith hand in hand is a sight to behold between the walls of water amazingly held up apparently by wind and divine force. The stubborn Egyptian army running after the people of God drowning in the water as Moses moved his staff image makes my chest drum with fear at going against the will of God to this day. I would love to explore Jordan and beyond to strengthen my faith in the Almighty and to somehow feel a connection with the origin of Christianity through  JD Tours  which allow one to totally relax and marvel at the beauty of Jordan from its historic landmarks to the coral reef and wildlife of the Red Sea. Lake Tiberius (The Sea of Galilee) is one body of water I would love my hands and feet and soul to touch too. The Christian town of Madaba the "City of Mosaics" I learned is a must see. Watching the sunset and reflecting on life and goodness and everything else that makes this soul feel serene in the desert I am most certain would quench my thirst for a time of prayer. A cup of tea won't hurt I suppose as I'll perceive the sky turning yellowish to orange into dark shades of grey.

a photo of sunset in my world now, wishing I could take a sunset photo in Jordan one day....

     For those like me yearning to find that one unforgettable Jordan experience www.jdtours.com is of great help. Tailor made tours as well as self designed journey which I would love to plan for my spiritual quest are offered. To Jordan and Beyond is a spiritual dream for me. I pray one day I will be there and have all the time in the world to make my heart sing with reverence for the Almighty. I pray too that each and everyone of us of whatever religion or faith find peace in our hearts.

~ this is a sponsored post written by me for Jordan Tours. All opinions are 100% mine. ~ 
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