Friday, March 29, 2013

San Diego Defense Attorney

Downtown San Diego Skyline from Coronado's Ferry Landing
           One of the lessons my mom would tell me and my brother even as young kids was to stay away from trouble. She would emphasize our need to be always vigilant and never to fully trust strangers. "The world is a jungle and I will not always be there to protect you,"she would tell us, eyes wide open with her authoritative yet soothing voice. From her I learned to be self sufficient at the same time responsible for my actions as a person. In life though, I have come to realize by experience that there will always be a time when we will need someone to protect us, a trial attorney who will stand for us in court should the need arise for us to defend ourselves. At such a moment when being locked up in jail could be a consequence of a wrong decision, we would want for ourselves only the best criminal defense lawyers in San Diego CA, someone who has dedicated his life in defending the accused like Mr. Allen R. Bloom whose firm specializes in assisting one in cases of major felonies for both adults and juvenile; appeals and post conviction; administrative and licensing issues related to criminal charges. The firm could easily be contacted for any urgent inquiries which will be personally entertained by Mr. Bloom. There is nothing like being assured that an attorney of the year with director's award for excellence handles one's criminal case, practically one's life in his hands to be able to enjoy San Diego's mesmerizing skyline day and night.

Tidepool Area of Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

~ Zen/Kulasa ~
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  1. Yes. We must always try to protect ourselves no matter in what circumstances right?

  2. Hi there Betchai!!! dropping by to say imishu hehehe, I bet you must be whipping up your most recent adventure posts! love yah!....

    ...we definitely need to protect ourselves and get to know people who will be there to stand for us when the need arises..:)