Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Ready for Life's Twists and Turns in San Diego

     I have one great San Diego Dream! To walk along its shores and watch wildlife after wildlife having fun before my very eyes with no less than the sweet friends who got me hooked to the joys of simple life. Above is a photo of three of my long time online buddies two of whom I have already met in person walking towards the deep blue ocean in San Diego. Oftentimes we'd talk about life in general, how time flies and how we all love making memories lasts through photos and how we'd love to keep doing just that until we grow old, with canes and hopefully minus the body aches and sore muscles and joints. We all are looking forward to spending retirement just nature viewing and documenting each sunrise to sunset of everyday henceforth. Life is never certain to unfold each morning though and we embrace the fact that everything could end any minute, any hour thus the need for Attorneys in San Diego CA who will be there to assist one in managing assets and making sure that one's estate is distributed to the ones one cares for and trusts as well as plan for healthcare wishes in case of incapacity. Albence and Associates, a professional corporation experienced in Trusts Lawyer, San Diego CA  have offices easily accessible in Chula Vista, Vista, La Mesa and La Jolla California. The offices have ample parking and conveniently accessible for the handi-capped and offers cost effective price for worthwhile legal services. Their expertise on Elder Law, planning for long-term nursing care and the like interests me most. We will all go old one day soon and it pays to plan ahead for life's unexpected twists and turns. For now I derive happiness from traveling through photos of my friend of dear beautiful San Diego where one sweet day I will be exploring with them and on top of my lists of places to visit are the following!

to be joining Kayakers attempting to enter the La Jolla Caves in San Diego CA

To be posing like this at Potato Chip Rock at Mt. Woodson, San Diego! 
I wish I still could do planking in SD at sixty! :)

Oh this one I often see in my dream....
walking on a path lined by vividly colored wildflowers with sweet friends!

"Life is a sweet surprise, and it pays to be prepared for its twists and turns...
happy traveling!"

~  San Diego dreaming post by kulasa/Zenserly, photos by Betchai ~
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  1. You could if you want to. Haha :D

  2. Retirement in San Diego at its best!

  3. "Life is a sweet surprise, and it pays to be prepared for its twists and turns..."

    i so agree with this... another great post twinzy!

    Beth, would love to do planking with you at 60!!! :D