Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Each Day is Different

The pictures below were old pictures taken by my old camera and old inexpensive lens. Through the years, as my need for photographing evolves, I had upgraded my camera to a better model and my lens to better one. However, there are just some situations that not even a gadget can equal some of our previous experiences. The two pictures below are examples of those. I had been back several times to these places to take picture at about the same time, but never had I taken another one that would replace my "favorite picture taken" of these places.
 Sunset, Cabrillo National Monument
Mesquite Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park
 We may have a better camera and lens, but what controls the picture is not only this two, but is MOSTLY by the lighting conditions and the other natural elements. I just had not been lucky enough to be back to capture intense display of color resulting from the interplay of natural elements that these 2 old pictures, still remain as my favorite picture from Cabrillo National Monument and Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park.
Having been enjoying taking pictures for several years now, I can say that:
"It's not only the camera and the lens, it's not only the eye and the heart who captures it, but it is GOD'S GIFT of HIS PERFECT MOMENT IN HIS PERFECT TIME that gives the best lighting conditions and natural situations for that heart inspiring PICTURE PERFECT moment."
We are humble recipients of HIS love and graciousness. So each time I see moments that I really love, I could not help but say "BIG THANKS TO OUR GOD". Each time the lighting and other natural conditions are not as  ideal for "picture taking", I take it as a moment to 'INVITE GOD" for a date next time, for we will be taking pictures together. Hmmmm, I find it fun, always. 

Does it always work? I know it always DOES, maybe, not always according to the results I wanted, but HIS way. But later, I would learn, HIS WAY has best purpose always not only for me, but for everyone and everything around us. HE IS GOOD!! ALL THE TIME!!
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  1. i have one very old film camera which i must use in certain situations and had a kind of broken old digital which would spit bright sunlight as a prism, give wonderful effects

  2. Yes, HE is good all the time friend....right now as I type the sun is rising on my side of the world....God is telling me how much he loves all of us and everything He created...I am tempted to run for my camera but my heart says just capture it with your heart and know that you are loved from the heavens...the photos you shared here are so beautiful beyond description...because as you said, they are in God's perfect timing....love yah...happy Easter on your side....:)