Saturday, October 27, 2012

Will Cell phone Camera Replace Point and Shoot Cameras?

Same Sight, Different Day, @ Torrey Pines
Several years ago, I planned on buying a small camera as my everyday camera. Something I can place inside my purse everyday to take photos of surprising or special moments. However, it never materialized because cell phone cameras kept on upgrading their features that I ended up using my cell phone camera as my everyday point and shoot camera. Of course, the cell phone camera can not replace a dslr for me especially shooting wildlife, taking macro shots, action pictures or capturing more details of rocks. But I find that I am satisfied with my cell phone as my point and shoot camera for landscape photos, thus, I no longer desire to buy a small and tiny for everyday camera. Here are some of cell phone shots from this weekend's and last weekend's wandering.

Using the new Panorama Feature in IOS 6 @ La Jolla
Del Mar Beach
Harbor Seals on Rocks
So for me, since I no longer desire to buy a point and shoot camera for my everyday camera because I am contented enough with my cell phone images, my answer to my question is: yes, my cell phone has replaced my desire to have a point and shoot. But will my cell phone replace my dslr? For reasons I mentioned above, I do not think so because of the limitations of cell phone camera in capturing action shots and finer details. 
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  1. I do not have a good cellphone that is able to replace any point and shot camera, though I do not have one of the later too.

    I use only DSLR.

  2. Great shots! I do not have one of the great Iphones so, I am happy to use my camera. I love your photos, the sea lions are cool. Have a great day!

  3. Amazingly beautiful pictures from your phone. How great to be able to capture these images when you don't have your dslr camera with you. I love the harbor seals!

  4. Your cell photos are marvelous Betchai, but like rainfield and eileen, I don't have a great cellphone either, so I am happy with my point and shoot camera, though I do have to carry both :-(

  5. you capture images marvelously using any gadget wonderwoman, which reminds me you used to paint too right? when I had no point and shoot cam yet I used to borrow the hubby's phone to take that I have a larger cam the point and shoot is sleeping in the closet because I rely on my phone to capture just about anything that suddenly interests phone's cam isn't high tech though and I'm planning to upgrade haha, stop me please haha, love yah friend :-) keep shooting, it gives many of us joy! oh and yes, all the blue hue in this post is bringing me back to life!

  6. i can't believe these photos are really cp shots. they are amazing. but still i want old school. phone for calling, camera for taking photos. wink*

  7. that is a good question Betchai. I have replaced my digital camera with my iphone. yes, it's just easier. I don't have to worry about misplacing my camera.