Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Convenience Of Air Taxis


Air Taxi?........
Aerial View of Mt. Rainier
An air taxi is another term for a charter plane that is being used for a charter flight. Such term because just like the land taxis, it can go to any place at any time you want.

You won’t be waiting in queue in a typical scheduled flight but of course expect that you would be paying more than the usual one. However, for those whose time is very important, getting a charter flight can actually be a money saver for them. If you’re in hurry or perhaps accompanying a group of important clients who needs to be in a distant meeting place, having a charter flight is much more practical. A lot of professional photographers also are hiring air taxis because it gives them the luxury of being able to shoot because like land taxis, charter flights can be designed in such a way that sightseeing becomes more pleasurable and taking photos become more productive. 
Aerial view of Mt. Rainier (top left corner) and Mt. St. Helens ( bottom right)
Charter flight services are most likely present in all major airports in the country just like the Boston Charter Flights that we once availed during a company convention. All of the participants had a convenient flight and never experience the hassle in the airport like what usually happens with passengers in a normal flight schedule.
If you’re planning to avail one, you can always check online for advance bookings or perhaps visit their nearest office for much detailed information about their services. It may cost you money but the convenience of the trip will surely just make everything worth it.  
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  1. Sometimes, we just have to do what we have to do, no matter how much it costs. Your photos are stunning as always.

  2. Air taxi sounds like a wonderful idea! In my budget though, I probably can't afford it.

  3. aww lovely photos! I so love your place (: