Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nopalea and Sunset Watch

     I love watching the sun go down. Wherever I am when the sky starts turning gold I get this indescribable feeling of happiness. It is one day gone; hours that passed which can not be undone; a box of memories to cherish. Walking along the shores or climbing uphill to get the best view of the sky is an activity a high school buddy Rhod and I both love. Being still single and having a flexible work schedule she has time to accompany me each time.
"photo of me at the Pagoda taken by my friend Rhod"- Zenserly / kulasa
     Surprisingly, we saw an old woman at the Pagoda and could not help but be amazed because one had to climb uphill and a staircase to get to the place. She was there at sunset time and we were wondering where in the world did she come from. We surmised that she must have had beautiful memories with someone there and visited to keep the memoir's alive. We could not help but be amazed though at her strength and freedom from joint pains. As always my friend and I would think of the future and ask ourselves whether we'd still have the zest and vigor to photowalk when we're old and grey. Nopalea a tasty wellness drink from Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) which has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and immune booster effects having the healing properties of the Nopal cactus used by native people for centuries is something we'd love to try. The bioflavonoids in Nopalea helps protect against toxicity and reduce inflammation that may lead to serious conditions. Sounds like something that will help us be Arthritis free, Allergy free, Infection free    and a yummy drink that will help us keep our memories through the years intact.

     We're challenging each other to still make it to the Pagoda forty years from now and I think we really need the aid of healthy treats from nature to live a long, pain free life to be able to enjoy watching sunsets both from up high and by the bay.

sunset watch at a resort where lovers have etched their names on a sturdy cactus

sunset as viewed from a Pagoda overlooking our home province

The sun bidding goodbye to the world has such a calming effect, nature indeed is the best healer.

~ Zenserly ~

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  1. beautiful photos, Zen, thanks for this post. yes, wish i may, wish i might, still climb uphill and mountains 40 years from now, hehe, kaya ko ba yun? daydreaming here :) wish i may again, wish i might, Nopalea hopefully to the rescue :)

  2. hayee Betchai, yep we can do it! I met a 90 year old the other day who claims he still can! hahaha, dreaming with you :-)