Friday, October 05, 2012

Cedar Finance

Mom and Baby Gorilla @ San Diego Zoo Safari Park
When I was still living in Connecticut, my academic director who was concerned I will get bored and homesick having no one around introduced me to a kindhearted group of Filipinos who welcomed me and made me feel at home. They were like my angels. There were times I got home feeling so sad and lonely for having no one to talk to, and all of a sudden, my phone would ring, one of them giving me a call to pick me up for dinner, or for some shopping ( wandering with them was shopping ), or for a movie, or just for a simple get-together. I would temporarily forget the feeling of longing to be closer to family and friends I left behind in the Philippines. 
There were some kind of get-together fun and partying however with them that I would usually say, "I am sorry, but I can't go." The kind of get-together fun they love having from time to time that I can't go was going to casino. I really have nothing against people who go to casino or to bars, just that I never was able to dig in this kind of fun, plus, I suffer from migraine where the play of lights, terrible noise and smoke would usually cause un-tolerable throbbing pain in my head.

Because one of them has kids, she would instead ask me if it is okay if I baby-sit her kids. Of course, I did not mind. For me, that was more fun, since I was missing my nieces and nephews, and having a chance to play with kids was always a great time for me. Plus, I love baby-sitting my friends' kids because they love to play with numbers and puzzles. I was like a child transformed always when I solved mazes and puzzles with them, and I really loved and enjoyed my time baby-sitting my friends kids because they are so smart and always ask me questions about Math. 

When I moved to San Diego, my friends were very happy for me and wished me all the best! However, at the same time, they were kidding about their kids losing a free Math tutor and babysitter in one, haha! I love kids, and I love my friends there. I really am thankful for they helped me deal with homesickness. 

One day, one of my friends there called me that because I no longer am around, she also started saying no to "casino nights" with some of our other friends because she could not leave her kids behind to a babysitter just for casino. However, she said she is actually happier now without the weekend casino nights because what she did, whenever her friends go to casino, the money she would usually spend had she gone with them, she invested to Cedar Finance which she found online while browsing during those times she were at home babysitting her elementary kids. She said one of the good things that had happened to her "no more casino nights" is that she is able to learn more about investment websites such as Cedar Finance, which offers the most professional and objective platform for trading Digital Options online. Instead of spending $100-$300 in the casino, my friend mentioned she invested this amount instead to Cedar Finance, and whoa! She is happy to have won a few hundred dollars. When she contacted the company for support, everything went smoothly and she didn't have any problems withdrawing her winnings. Her excitement about finding joy in Cedar Finance was very obvious in her voice, saying she will use this platform again soon. 

My friend casually added that she is still able to relate to her kids Math scenario such as the real math in investment. I am happy for her that she finds it happier now having no more casino nights. :)
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  1. We occasionally go to the casinos in Connecticut (when I say occasionally I mean once every few years). I find them a lot of fun even though I am not a big gambler.