Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Weather You Must Know

We are now in a time where our climate conditions tend to be changing abruptly and have become very unpredictable. All over the world, changes in the normal weather cycle have been experienced and its effects have been dreadful. Experts say that this is the result of climate change. This affects not only the weather, but the seasons as well. This is very important since our different societies, and ultimately our global community, is somewhat dependent on these climate patterns when it comes to their business decisions. Once we lose the ability to accurately predict and track these weather patterns, it will be very difficult for us to plan and project future actions and goals.
For this reason, it is very important for every country to have a national weather forecasting center. Through this, they can give utmost focus in their weather conditions and not be reliant upon the findings and forecasts of their neighboring countries. These national weather centers can give a more reliable and higher probability of correct forecast for its citizens. The more localized the weather forecast, the higher is its accuracy.
Countries like Spain have an excellent weather forecasting center that gives forecasts of up to 14 days. Talk about awesome weather coverage! If you are in Spain, regardless of whatever city or wherever it is knowing the  Spanish weather is easy and just a click away.  
~guest post by Rovs~
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  1. This is so true about the unpredictable weather. We're experiencing it this year, and it's very confusing..

  2. I am hoping our weather will calm down this year. We had 2 bad storms last year that took out our electricity for 2 weeks all together.

  3. thanks for the post, Rovs. yes, you are so right, weather these days had become so unpredictable which can get in the way of our leisure activities too :(

  4. We always tease about Michigan's weather - go to lunch and come back and will have changed. lol