Monday, August 27, 2012

A Well Kept Secret in the Dominican Republic


Some people prefer swimming at the beach instead of the pool. It may be the preference of the feel of nature, as opposed to being soaked in chloride. With me, it’s the fact that the beach or the ocean is so much more tempting than a manmade structure filled with water.
The location of the beach is another preference for many who vacation in the Caribbean. Caribbean's beaches are remarkable. The dazzling, white, hot sands of the Dominican Republic are exquisite and once you’ve visited them you’ll always want to return.  One little known sight that I had the pleasure of visiting is Boca Chica. Not many people are aware of the location because unlike the Punta Canta, it isn't always advertised.

Many visitors prefer vacationing in areas which are less touristy, where the inhabitants are more like themselves and the beaches are less trafficked.  

The true beauty of any beach can be enjoyed more when you visit areas away from the well-trodden tourist sites. During mid- afternoon locals would set up picnics or just camp out on the rocks near the beach. The ride from the airport to Boca Chica is a short one, but before viewing the town you must pay a toll of twenty-five cent in pesos. If you're not familiar with other cultures you may be shocked by the activities on the street so prepare yourself. Remind yourself that you are on vacation so sit back, relax and enjoy.

During the day the natives are busy running their businesses, shopping, working and going about their daily tasks. On the way to the hotels, the streets are abundantly lined with trees, and the greenery is spectacularly thriving. In the evening the hotel areas are blocked off and restaurant owners are allowed to set their tables in the middle of the street. Parallel to this amazing event, is the beautiful beach.  Dining becomes an experience with this added breathtaking view of the sea and most of all, the fresh air. It does wonders for the appetite and the food is deliciously tempting!

Boca Chica beaches are divine and the view is breathtaking. The ocean is always inviting, even early in the morning. There’s no wrong time to take a dive in the warm, clean, inviting water. There’s always an array of events and activities going on: food vendors, ski boating, canoe rides etc are just a few.

The hotels prices are reasonable depending on which one you pick. The currency makes you feel wealthy. One hundred American dollars translates to more than three thousands pesos. The locals look forward to a good time all week long. Parties are held in the streets, clubs and outdoor restaurants from Thursday through Monday. They rest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and begin the fun all over again. Life has such a different rhythm there.

Have you ever visited the Dominican Republic? What was your experience there?

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  1. I have a neighbor from the Dominican Republic and the stories she tells makes me want to go

  2. When my daughter in-law told me about her trip, I definitely wanted to go. It sounds so beautiful.