Friday, July 27, 2012

Things to Bear in Mind When Travelling By Plane

One of the most exciting modes of transportation is by plane. Aside from the fact that is the fastest among other means of transportation, travelling by plane is also one of the experiences in life that a person could boast. Some people would even make an album of pictures during their first plane ride and have it framed in the walls of their room.

For those people who would be travelling by plane for the first time, here are some of the basic things to take note and bear in mind. Before anything else, keep in mind that travelling by plane is not like travelling by bus wherein you can just hop in when it arrives in the bus stop. It requires the passenger to book their tickets at least 6 hours before their scheduled flights. Finding cheap flights these days become easier with many air travel companies online.

Unlike other mode of transportations, passengers who are travelling by plane should arrive in the airport 1-3 hours before the time indicated in their tickets. Usually 1 hour for local flights and, 2-3 hours for international flights. They will pass through several departments in the airport like the immigration and the customs for their baggage and travel documents. Make sure that these documents are placed in your hand-carry and not inside your check-in things. These would include but are not limited to plane tickets, passport, work permits or permit to travel and other similar documents.

It would be a lot easier if you’re going to travel with a companion who is used to travel by plane. But in cases that you will be having it for the first time alone, it pays to know these things ahead of time. If you’re in doubt and seemed to be lost in the airport, do not hesitate to ask airport personnel in the vicinity. It could also help if you are going to check for important things like international airfares ahead of time so that you would be able to prepare accordingly.

 ~ Thanks to Nice U for sharing her thoughts about first time flying~
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