Friday, July 27, 2012

Puppy Love and New York City Apartment Rentals

The kids, the hubby and I are all fond of furry friends. We actually consider them part of the family. They are the ones who would greet us first when we reach home. In fact they are the ones constantly staying at home and guarding what little property we have. What I love most about them is that they would walk before me along the woods like loyal bodyguards who from time to time would stop to wait for me to keep up with their pace. Their barks to us are sweet sounding and we allow them to occupy whatever spot they love most in our home sweet home. Sharing with you shots of one of our dogs Meijo and shots of the neighbor's puppies I couldn't help but snap.

 Meijo at his favorite spot in our garden

our neighbor's puppy I just had to take a photo of one morning

     I can not imagine life without our family dogs. It is almost like losing a part of me especially so when the kids have become so attached with them. A friend from across the miles also a dog lover says lucky are those who find new york city apartment rentals  with pet friendly landlords who would allow you to keep your furry friend with an additional deposit and monthly fee for that privilege to enjoy the city with man's best friend. For those looking for a place to stay in New York and not knowing where to start, is a site where one could find a suitable apartment to stay in for a vacation or business trip. They have made the daunting task of finding the best place easy.

now this is my favorite shot of our furry digital camera was acting up when I took this so there is some kind of a screen material over them..
It makes me think of that four lettered word L-O-V-E that knows no time and distance 

Thanks for spending some time reading puppy love thoughts- Zenserly 
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  1. Having dogs is the best therapy you can have for stress so I just love them! They're also wonderful companies to keep.