Friday, July 06, 2012

Life At Brunswick Islands is More Than Just a Beach

There is always magic in the water. At the end of every day, I always long to listen to the powerful splashing of the waves in the sea. A deep sense of peacefulness comes in whenever I hear the waves crash into land, as if washing away all the stresses I had for a day. The ocean has always been my refuge, it is one place on Earth where I feel like I can cry and unload my pains, yet the tears I shed were just but a small fraction of the water that crashes on my feet. The power of the ocean waves seem to be God-sent in taking away any pain and putting back revitalizing energy for me to move with a passion in what I love doing. The ocean is not only a place I go to when I feel like crying, at the happiest moments in my life, I would also run to the ocean to stomp my feet for jubilation, embracing the music from the splashing waves. Life, is definitely more than just a beach for me, whenever I am in the sea.

I guess, because of such healing power brought by the magical waves of the sea, a beach vacation is always popular. But for some if not a lot of people, a beach vacation has to be more than just a beach! What to do when at the beach? PLENTY! What are the places that offer more than just a beach? If you are planning a vacation in the East Coast, one of the magical places to experience one location with many possibilities, is The Brunswick Islands in North Carolina. Named as one of the Best Family Beaches in US by the National Geographic Traveler, Holden Beach, is a naturalist and wildlife paradise.
Dolphins Playing In the Surf
What is exciting for you to see? A list of possibilities. Surfing dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles as they surface for air, and sea creatures such as crabs, small fishes, and shells, always a delight to play with your family in the surf, sun and sand. Along these Atlantic Ocean Beaches in North Carolina's Brunswick islands, the loggerhead sea turtles find a home. I would totally love an experience seeing a turtle hatch during the Sea Turtle Hatching Season and learn more about these wonderful creatures. I would love to watch a hatchling inch its way to the ocean, that would surely add more magic to the already magical waves of the sea.
Aside from enjoying the wildlife in Brunswick Island, vacationers would be able to play golf, take a walk in the art village or climb lighthouses, enjoy good food, sample wine at award winning winery, and more. Though my favorite part of the beach is riding the waves, but I surely would love to do all other possibilities such as bird watching, kayaking, wildlife watching, feast my eyes on various work of arts and crafts, and more. If you haven't planned a vacation yet, and wanted to be by the beach but do more than just a beach, I invite you to check out The Brunswick Islands.
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  1. North Carolina has wonderful beaches - fortunately they are not well publicized and so not built up.

  2. adding The Brunswick Islands to my wish list of places to visit now Betchai...oh yes definitely I would love to bird watch, go kayaking and feast on wonderful crafts and yes the blue ocean and sky!