Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Back to Home Sweet San Diego

Hiking @ Glacier National Park, Montana (6/30/12)
Hiking @ Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (6/27/12)
- this is my favorite picture of myself during our trip, thanks to hubby for taking my pic :)

 After 7 days of escaping civilization to the natural wonders of Wyoming and Montana, we're back in home sweet San Diego. We had such a wonderful time enjoying nature to ourselves, sometimes sharing and experiencing it with other nature loving enthusiasts that we met at the trails or at some points of interest. I truly loved our hikes, despite there were one hike we did that my heart was thumping most of the time due to grizzly bear scare. Just a few days before our hike, the trail was still closed due to grizzly bear activities. I wanted to see bear, but from afar. Maybe see them from inside of our car or on a guided ranger tour, but definitely not from our self guided hikes. However, because I wanted to experience that trail so much, we did the hike but followed the precaution given to us by the National Park. Did we see bears in that hike? YES! But I will share more about that hike and the rest of our trip later. Meanwhile, let me share first some experiences closer to the heart, which is home sweet San Diego.

As soon as our plane was preparing to land in San Diego International Airport, passing through San Diego's Skyline across San Diego Bay, I can't explain the feeling of being happy to be home again. 
this is an old picture taken some time ago of Coronado Ferry Landing

Not that I do not love the places we've been to, in fact, as early as now, we are planning to go back again to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park some day for more exploration, two places that really inspired our hearts. To experience the silence in the mountains with such beautiful rugged scenery was very relaxing and inspiring. However, as they say always, home is where the heart is, and so excited to be back home again. Luckily enough for me, San Diego offers a balance of civilization and escape from civilization get-away in a matter of minutes. 
 When Am not in my hiking wear, @ The Rose Garden, Balboa Park (7/3/12)
I may have missed civilization, or maybe it is the 60sF (below 20s C) temperature still in San Diego that instead of hitting the beach for boogie boarding or the slopes for hiking, we hit Balboa Park for the museums. 

@ The Rose Garden
Okay, the real reason we hit Balboa Park instead was yesterday was a Tuesday, and every Tuesday, San Diego city residents have free admission to the museums in Balboa Park.
Alcazar Garden and the Museum of Man
Though all gardens in Balboa Park are free, but entering museums except Timken Museum of Art requires admission fee. Thankfully, the residents get to enjoy the museums free on Tuesdays. I am inspired always seeing how nature inspired men to come up with nature-inspired paintings, photographs, ceramic, and work of arts.
I am also inspired seeing lots of kids engrossed with learning about the forces of nature that continually shape our land. Tuesday is always a busy day at Balboa Park. I see a lot of party bus serving groups of people touring the city. I have observed a big trend lately of people renting San Diego party bus or limo services. Whether it be wedding occasions, wedding pictorials, quinceanera, or corporate party events, a lot of people  are availing the services of Party Bus San Diego. Before, when I see a Chrysler top of the line limousine, or Hummer limmos, I would think, "who is in there?", thinking always of big celebrities. I failed to realize that San Diego's great weather, fine beaches,
and beautiful natural, cultural and historical attractions make it a popular place for an outdoor party such as wedding, debut, quinceanera, and corporate events. And during these fun times where everybody just want to relax and enjoy the group togetherness without worrying who is to drive, renting party bus comes to mind as a big help.
Anyway, though we just came from Wyoming-Montana vacation, let me share with you one of my favorite pictures of me taken by my friend just a day before we flew for Montana. For I believe I can fly.....
Me, Flying High above San Diego County, at Mt. Woodson
Wish I can really fly though :) haha! Anyway, more of our Montana-Wyoming trip in my later posts. Just so glad to be back home and back blogging again!

Happy 4th of July.

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  1. This blog is highly edifying and clear. Here everything has been described in systematic mode so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things. This is one of the best blogs I have read.

  2. Beautiful scenes from Sand Diego. The gardens and museum are both beautiful places to visit. Great photos.

  3. How wonderful to explore the park and museums on a free admissions day! I love the art inspired by nature and the gardens. :)

  4. Thanks for the report back about Yellowstone. I look forward to reading about your trip in future posts and about seeing bears. :)
    Nice to see the beautiful blooms. Wherever you go, there is still no place like home.

  5. Simplicity looks great here!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
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  6. yay welcome back...
    home sweet home...

  7. No place likes home indeed.

  8. weeeeee there you are jumping back with joy Betchai!!!! what can I say? I am speechless at the beauty of your words and photos as always....agree with San Diego Limo Services, TJOSL is awesome! I am so looking forward to more of your Montana-Wyoming trip :D

  9. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wish i could "fly" with you someday Beth! welcome back to your sweet, sweet home San Diego!

    i so agree with the first comment, you always describe everything systematically that makes us your readers feel as if we were transported there. your posts are always packed with info and we always learn many things from you. i can see your blog in to TOP blogs not long from now. Karen and along with the other successful bloggers like you, is what inspires me to deliver quality contents like you always do. more power to blogging with or without the happine$$ it brings! :)

    you are missed, so glad you're back!

  10. I believe I can fly too.

    But it has to come after you.

  11. i came back to say i love your summer outfit! and boy, you are oh so slim too!!! have a great weekend to you and Khai! :)

  12. back to life again :P

    you seem to be darting arrow in the jungle :)

  13. Your last photo - I dream of doing the same. I wish soon.

    Happy Weekend, Betchai. Thanks a lot for the wonderful visual feast.

  14. Beautiful San Diego! Balboa Park sounds like a fun place to be, and the rose garden must be heavenly! Love your jumping photos..

  15. I can't wait to hear about your trip! Especially the bears.

  16. Seems you had loads of fun!! Thank you for sharing this thrilling experience of yours!!