Saturday, June 09, 2012

Photos of Birds in Still and in Flight of My Friend Raul and His View of Calgary Realtors

  Guest post by Zenserly of The Letters of November.
     Half the pleasure in taking nature shots is being able to share them. I have a friend from Med School who has become as passionate as I am in capturing the wonders of nature. We've been sharing insights on photo taking and life itself on a social networking site but I still haven't pulled him into the blogging world. Yesterday I was scanning his albums and was once again fascinated by his eye for beauty. Unlike me who doesn't have a good cam he has gadgets that could catch what I couldn't capture well and have been dreaming to for what seems like forever...bird still and flying shots. I asked him whether I could have the privilege to share them online because they are too beautiful to be kept just in his files and he surprisingly agreed.
A sunset photo taken by my friend Raul at their backyard
another wings and heavenly body capture by Raul
black-capped chikadee photo by Raul
warbler shot by Raul
shot of a red-bellied woodpecker by Raul
Eastern Bluebird, my favorite bird shot by Raul
cardinal shot by Raul
     Scanning more of his photos I saw a photo of him in Calgary, Alberta when he visited his bestfriend and a cousin around two years ago.

Raul, in Calgary Alberta

      He wanted to show me a photo of Lake Louise but had to be at work and promised to just tag me in the photo once he had the time. I know him to be a very responsible family man, being the father of a cute little girl and a gorgeous boy and the husband to such a lovely wife, Cherry. We briefly chatted about friends migrating to Canada and quickly commented about Calgary Realtors when I told him another friend of mine is looking for one. Cliff Stevenson is a Calgary REALTOR® whose role is to help one buy and sell Calgary Real Estate. He provides expert advice and comfort in buying one's home. One of the best tools that could be accessed through his site is timely information on listings. Access to this search is the most timely way to see the latest listings which one could receive through e-mail by simply filling out the online form in his web page. For those selling real estate, they could receive an unconditional home evaluation and Cliff would be happy to help them with the best way to market their property. Helpful information, market statistics & conditions are served by who redefines service in real estate as "plain and simple"..."buying or selling a home is big deal so one deserves the best representation in Calgary" and that is what a dedicated, professional, service oriented Cliff Stevenson offers. Visit his site for featured properties.
     I'm sure my friends leaving for Alberta will find his site more than useful. I'm going back to digging Raul's photos in Alberta, I just might be convinced to move there too. Well, perhaps when I get the heart to leave my own home sweet home.

Sunrise shot from our backyard
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  1. Wow, what can I say? Zen, thanks for asking Raul to share his photos here, the full moon shot with the bird in flight is I believe the most awesome full moon shot I have ever seen, how lucky he is to have that beautiful sunset picture from his backyard, and you as well to have beautiful sunrise and I know sunset right in your backyard.

  2. Yes, the bird flew to the full moon is terrific.

    Hope that I shall have the same opportunity.

  3. Those are beautiful and fantastic photos! I love them all, and Raul is very talented to capture such amazing shots.