Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Orlando or San Diego?

Dolphin Trainer for The Day, Sea World San Diego (which can also be experienced in Sea World, Orlando)
I got several inquiries lately through The Joys of Simple Life Contact Form that they are planning to visit either Orlando or San Diego this summer. They asked if there is any place between this two that I prefer. Now, I may be the wrong person to ask because I have never been to Orlando. Honestly, it is hard for me to compare two places when I have not been to the other one. I am not surprised however with the inquiry since San Diego and Orlando are two of US most popular destinations for family vacation.
Shamu Show @ Sea World, San Diego ( which is also offered in Sea World, Orlando)

Perhaps, the most sensible advice I can give is that they make a cost analysis starting with  flights to orlando vs flights to san diego, then, compare the hotel accommodations between the two, the cost of tickets to theme parks ( which I assume is part of, because Orlando is more known for theme parks), the weather and which of the two places is in line more with their interest. If the family is more interested on themed park attractions, I believe Orlando Florida offers a concentration of theme parks not found anywhere else in the world. What theme parks San Diego has, Orlando also have, and MORE! However, Orlando is in Central Florida and vacationers need to travel out of Orlando to get to the ocean and the beaches. 
Birds In Flight, @ La Jolla Shores, San Diego
If the family prefers to combine theme parks with nature hikes and beach, I can say, San Diego it is because it is bordered by miles of beaches with canyons, coastal cliffs, mesas and mountains to combine many outdoor activities.
Family Enjoying Sea, Sand and Sun, Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego
CA Sea lavender Lining the Trail from Torrey Pines to Del Mar
Starfish on Mussel Rock, La Jolla Shores Beach, San Diego
Anyway, let me shift my discussion to my most recent joy lately, that is attending Monroe's First Birthday Party. Who is Monroe? Let me recap a little bit. 
June 17, 2011.....Mom Kokamo gave birth to baby Monroe
June 18, 2011....we saw both mom Kokamo and one day old baby Monroe at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
Mom Kokamo and One Day Old Baby Monroe, June 18, 2011 @ San Diego Safari Park
And last Sunday, a year after Monroe was born, June 17, 2012... we were there to attend Monroe's first birthday party! 
 At The Gorilla Exhibit
 Monroe with his Birthday Ice Cake
( made of vegetables and fruits in ice, the letters are made of carrots)
 Monroe Enjoying His Birthday Cake
 Mom Kokamo Posing with the Cake Too :)
 Mom Kokamo and Baby Monroe
 Monroe Enjoying His Gifts ( yes, those branches to play with and leaves are his favorite gifts, he played with them more than the toys)
 Monroe Hanging and Dreaming?
Okay, have to stop here first, before I get carried away again loading you with too much pictures of Monroe and his family at the Gorilla Forest in San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 

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  1. The birthday ice cake looks very nice...
    I m sure the gorillas like it...

  2. many starfish gathering together. :)

  3. Aww...the baby gorilla is so adorable. :)

  4. Great series, love the baby gorilla.

  5. That is so cool with Monroe posing for his birthday picture! He sure got big quick. Having been to both, I think you did a good job in pointing out the differences between San Diego and Orlando. Don't forget the humidity of Florida!

  6. what a cutie. but i would be scared to attend a birthday party like that. hahaha

  7. Monroe hanging and dreaming is my favorite! :D

  8. Its heartwarming to see these gorillas celebrate their birthday. Thumbs up!