Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mendocino To San Francisco via Sonoma Wine Country

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
Mendocino is located on the Northern Coast of California, noted for its rugged coastline, beautiful beaches, redwood forests and vineyards. Because Mendocino is right in between Redwood National Park and San Francisco, this was where we spent a night on our way to San Francisco after our adventures at Redwood National Park. 
 Rugged Mendocino Coastline

 Sea Stacks on Mendocino Coast
 Glass Beach, Mendocino
We did not really stay long here in Mendocino because we just came from a 7-day trip exploring the Klamath Circle of Parks. The Klamath Circle of Parks includes Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA; Crater Lake National Park, OR and Redwood National Park, CA. However, the rugged beauty of the Mendocino Coast and the nearby redwood forests is beckoning to us to go back to this place someday. 
As if we did not have enough redwoods, when we passed the highway that connects Mendocino Coast to Hwy 101, we still stopped to take in the scenery (above picture ) and the majestic redwoods that line the highway.
 Redwoods @ Mendocino County
Leaving the coastline of Mendocino, our drive led us a little bit inland towards the rolling green hills and valleys of vineyards in both Mendocino and Sonoma Wine Counties.
Vineyards @ Sonoma County
Golf Course In Wine Country
Though Sonoma County is more popularly known worldwide as a wine country, but then, of course, Sonoma is much more than just wine. Sonoma has scenic coastline and beaches, and just like most of the Northern Coast, is also home to the majestic redwoods. It has more than 200 award winning wineries, and its convenient proximity to San Francisco (only 30 miles North of SF) attracts many tourists who wants to experience Sonoma Wine Tasting.
Invasive Non-native Yellow Mustard and The Golden Gate Bridge
From the beautiful rugged coastline, to the majestic redwood forests, to rolling hills of wineries, to the dynamic beauty of San Francisco, the Northern Coast offers a unique and beautiful experience to everyone who is ready to explore this side of California. 
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  1. The Sea Stacks, and Rugged photos are amazing views. It's hard to believe that these scenery could be so close to home.

    You do travel more than anyone I know!

  2. Another stunning view, I do have wish to pass through that famous bridge of California. I do still hope for that wish to come true...thanks for sharing

  3. I've never seen the bridge look so beautiful. Gorgeous shots and what a fantastic trip, it just doesn't get any better.

  4. Been to these places and still enjoy viewing photos from the eyes of another photo enthusiast. No shots will ever look the same even if we take it in the same angle, amazing huh ?


  5. The Pacific NW is SO gorgeous!

  6. You always find such beautiful places. It's good to have them close to home too.

  7. golden gate bridge ..
    I had been there in 2000...

  8. You were/are in my neck of the woods. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

  9. "It's good to have them close to home".

    But will we get bored one day?

  10. Superb photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, and of Mendocino areas, Betchai! I love that Glass Beach photo!

  11. the Golden Gate Bridge didn't disappoint me. it was foggy when I first saw it and it was magical. just like in your picture here.

  12. as always...you left me with a heart aching to see such wonderful view in person, one sweet day....