Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Faro, Portugal to La Jolla Caves

Have you heard about Faro, Portugal? It is a very popular destination for sun-seeker tourists from Europe and the United Kingdom.  It is nestled along the southern coast of Portugal. What makes it popular is its reliable sunny weather with cool ocean breezes. Tourists from colder places get their much longed sun without feeling too hot. How I wish I can share you a picture of the place that I found in the more remote area of Algarve. Imagine the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park next to the ocean, ahhh, it almost is a dream, right? But it came to almost a reality for me when I saw a picture of something like that in Algarve, one of the scenic destinations from Faro. I was drawn to the beautiful rugged cliffs, amazing rock formations right on the sea,and the picture started me dreaming. 
In my dreams, I flew to London to join my friends and to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics. However, when I reached London, one of my friends happily shouted he found cheap faro flights for all of us for a 3-hour flight to Faro. Our holidays in Faro were filled with so many ohhs and ahhs, definitely enchanted with the amazing contrast of the orange rock formations right next to the blue sea. In my dreams, a friend woke me was time for our flight back to London for the summer 2012 Olympics! However, when I opened my eyes, my Londoner friends were out of sight nor was I in Portugal. Also, no 2012 Summer Olympics in London for me. :( Ahhhhhhh!!!! 
Now, that I am back to my reality, let me share with you, one of my favorite places to be lost here in San Diego. La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Caves. 
 La Jolla Caves
Parking and Start of Walk: @ La Jolla Shores Beach Park
Best Time: Anytime at low tide, you can google La Jolla tides chart or you can download the tide apps in your iPhone. The tide apps for iPhone can be used anywhere when you travel, its one of my favorite apps because we love tidepooling whenever we get a chance, anywhere. 
When you are at La Jolla Shores, there are so many options regarding what you could do. You would see a lot of kayakers, and you can actually drive your car right at the beach to unload your kayak, then, you just go back out for parking at park lot.
 Aside from kayaking, you would see a lot of divers, surfers, boogie boarders, swimmers, or simply beach-combers. If you walk North from La Jolla Shores towards Scripps Pier, you will hit Dike Rock tidepool, which is really another amazing world to explore. My pictures of a lot of starfish is from that area.
 Instead of walking North, to go to La Jolla Caves, you walk South towards the cliffs in the above picture. The wide strip of sand would soon be replaced by the rocky intertidal zone. Though there are not a lot of star fish in this area, but you would still find a lot of other interesting tidepool creatures.
 Can you help me name this? The texture is similar to kelp
 Egret Preparing to Fly
 Egret In Flight
Blue Heron
Once you reach the rocky area, you are not too far in wave washed cliffs where you could enter the caves. The westernmost and bigger caves can only be accessed through water, most of the kayakers usually go to these caves if the surf conditions are not dangerous. However, at negative low tides, cave explorers on foot would be able to access some of the caves.
 Me @ One of the Caves
 @ One of the Caves
Extreme low tides usually occurs October through March in the afternoon. April to September, the extreme low tides are usually in the morning, however, as it goes past May, the extreme low tides usually occurs at dawn. 
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  1. The caves r so beautiful n I like the egret taking off...

  2. Similar to kep? Are they seaweed as well?

    1. Hi Tekkaus, thanks, it's a typo, thank you for bringing kep to my attention. it should be kelp, yes, similar to seaweed.

  3. i can download tide apps for la jolla? i wish there's an apps that can transport me to la jolla too. wink? miss that place. bring me back there, will yah?

  4. i never get tired of your la jolla posts Beth. that place is just magical! dreaming to be there now. :)

  5. your photo in one of the caves is fabulous! I love the colors you are wearing...your smile just made my day! and the Egrets are lovely! dreaming of going to the Olympics with you!..echoing Ruthi on wanting to be transported to La Jolla!!! weeee......

  6. Living here in Michigan, I love looking at your ocean adventures and photos! They are gorgeous, and I wish I could be near the ocean!

  7. What an absolutely beautiful beach. The caves are so amazing.