Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dreaming of Asian Get-Away

Me, Looking Forward to Summer Break, @ La Jolla, San Diego
In a month, school ends and summer vacation begins. I can't help but think of home. I actually had been wanting to be home since spring. How I wished I were there with my family celebrating my eldest niece's (or first niece from eldest brother) graduation. Time flies. I still could imagine clearly the times where I was baby sitting my two nieces and nephew. Now, the eldest of these three graduated last April with latin honors (magna cum laude) from University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus. Soon, she will be entering the medical world as she continues her journey towards M.D and Ph.D, where she aims to have double major, become a doctor (M.D.) who is involved in molecular medicine research (MS Molecular Medicine towards PhD).

My Hometown Sunset
Sadly, my spring break and her graduation did not fit, plus I was also in the process of finishing my clear credential where I had my last portfolio check at that time. I could not change my portfolio check without abandoning my clear credential. All I could do then was dream of being there with my family. 
Me @ Mambucal Mountain Resort, 2007 
I love and miss home. I love and miss my family, and also my friends. Next year will be another special year for our family. If I missed my eldest niece's graduation, I do not intend to miss next year's grand celebration of my father's 80th birthday!!
Me, just before I migrated to US, year 2002
( this may look like in the mountains, but this is right next to the beach)
I actually can't wait to give tatay (how we call our father) a hug. I pray he continues to be healthy and strong to celebrate his 80th, maybe 90th, and who knows, 100th with us? I so enjoyed looking at the pictures of him handing my eldest niece her medal of honors during my eldest niece graduation. He was one proud grandfather, that I knew. I actually am one proud aunt too, just too far from my family to celebrate.
Danjuagan Island Marine Sanctuary (taken 2007)
Time flies, I can't believe that the last pictures I took from my hometown were in 2007!
One of the 7 Waterfalls in Mambucal Mountain Resort
I sure miss a trip to Mambucal Waterfalls in my hometown where we would hike to the 7th Falls. There are many other places I wanted to visit if and when I go visit my family and hometown again. I plan to go to Puerto Princesa Underground River, now, one of the new seven wonders of the world. 
View of the town of San Carlos from the top of the mountain
Of course, other than visiting my family and old friends, I also plan to visit fellow Salitype Sisters Zenserly and Cher, who I can't wait to meet. We have not met in person yet, but our group friendship in Salitype continues to grow and strengthen as we continue to walk together our dreams. I would love to see Zen's beautiful house on a hill with her hubby and kiddos in Northern Philippines, and Cher's family and place in Singapore. Oh, I actually would love to revisit Singapore too, the last time I went there, I was still too young to even care about capturing memories. Back then, I thought camera was too expensive. :( In my memory, Singapore is a garden city, I know it would be heaven for my late mom who loved orchids so much.
Orchids from our Backyard in my Hometown, Rich Variety of orchids Remind Me of Singapore, The Orchid City in My Eyes
There are many places I wanted to visit in my next home sweet home vacation. Aside from Philippines, I wanted to visit Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia (hope to see you Rainfield). I am hoping to Book flights to Singapore with Dial A Flight.  Aside from meeting Cher in Singapore, I plan to see the amazing Henderson Wave, Lake of Dreams, Orchids Garden, and many more.  I just hope I would have enough time to explore the wonderful places in Singapore. Then, from Singapore, dreaming to hop to Penang, Malaysia, where according to my memory is really very close to Singapore. Hopefully Cher and I can meet Rainfield in Penang, haha! From Malaysia, I plan we fly to Philippines to join my family in celebrating my father's grand 80th celebration and explore the New 7 Wonders of Nature at Puerto Princesa Underground river! After the Philippines, if time allows, stop at Vietnam to also see the other new wonder, Halong Bay, before flying back to USA.

Now, can I move the time fast forward? :)
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  1. I love the waterfalls .. looks very nice.
    I would love to bring my family and have a picnic over there.. enjoy the fresh air and the nature....

  2. Hi there Betchai!!! whew, all your plans here can happen one sweet day..soon! how I'd love to meet Rainfield with you too!! hubby has been to the falls in your photo here...your home sweet home is so beautiful...that sunset image is incomparable and I must say I love your innocent smiles in the photos! reminds me of your post on tennis shoes where you met Khai who gave you his sweater when you were feeling cold in a corner...if my memory serves me right haha...advanced happy birthday to your tatay! may he have many more years to spend with his wonderful children and grandchildren..oh my you are a family of geniuses and I can't help but be proud to be your friend...your niece will become a great doctor and researcher that I am sure of...smiling here as I recall my conversation with a Dentist classmate in Master in Public Health about us wanting to earn a PhD after the MPH haha, it is always a healthy thing to dream and work for the dream right? ...with great deals like those in DialAFlight we all will soon find each other running after clouds and flowers to take photos of together :-) love yah wonderwoman!

  3. It sounds like you will have a wonderful time!

  4. your hometown looks so beautiful! do you go back often?

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  5. I really hope you can come home to be with your dad on his 80th bday !


  6. that would be awesome Beth! meeting you and Rainfield. but i am so looking forward to meeting you and Zen in Pinas. haha! if we can only move the time fast forward. :D

  7. How great that you will get to visit home next year. It is so brave to leave your home to move to another country.

  8. It is my pleasure to meet you, my dear friend.

    Penang welcomes you.

    And will miss you, like you have missed others, if you fail to come over.

  9. Lovely pictures of you in your hometown, your plans for your next visit sound wonderful. Congratulations to your niece on her graduation!

  10. Orchids are always super, I enjoy visiting orchid farms in Thailand.


  11. ah, this makes me want to go home badly. haha. i know i always go back to the Philippines every year but i always miss home.

    ms beth, start booking your schedule already and hope to see you in the near future too :-)