Thursday, April 05, 2012

Summer, Swimming and Safety


"WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" I could not help but smile at the sight of my ten year old son having the time of his life on one of our summer adventures. We were invited by a good friend to her hometown somewhere North and busy as I was with work I couldn't say no to a chance to bond with my child and the friends I have not seen for quite some time.

 Part of our itinerary was a night of barbecue and swimming by  the pool of the village where the sister of my friend resides. Roel being so water loving could not help but get his clothes off the moment he saw the pool and would not heed my warning of having an adult check the depth of the water first.
 Aaaahhhh children will always be children....He ran to the side of the pool before I could change into my swimming wear and almost jumped into the inviting warm liquid unattended. A blessing my friend was quick to stop him and first asked the area guard about the pool's depth. I personally thought it would have been best have there been signs adjacent to the pool to give warning to the kids and adults alike. Kids will usually heed to written and illustrated warnings, that I have noticed. While the kids were busy swimming the night away I chatted with my friends about a site which offers thousands of signs like traffic signs as well as  street signs which are shipped directly from the manufacturer ensuring speedy delivery and the highest quality product. They could also customize any sign for you, even road signs, safety, parking, construction it, they do have it.

I think this one would totally get Roel and any kid's attention:-)

As you can see, my boy had such a great time playing with my friends' kids...

We went home the next day with him obviously very happy. Given a choice, I would always make it a point to prioritize my family and kids. After all, motherhood is a 24/7 commitment with the greatest emotional rewards imaginable.

post by Zen a.k.a. kulasa for The Joys of Simple Life
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  1. happiness!! Roel's joy and happiness in the pictures are very contagious Zen, yes, those safety signs would be very good for the kids, and well, even adults too :)

  2. Look at him smile. He obviously had a great time in the pool and with friends. Always a good idea to watch kids around water and traffic.