Saturday, April 14, 2012

Health Insurance and The Rising Sun


    Sunrise- it never comes the same time each day. The rays of a huge ball of light slowly creeping out of the mountains serenaded by the singing of birds and accentuated by white fluffy clouds and the blue sky with its warm cheery touch quenches a certain longing in me as I keep my eyes open afraid such beauty disappears from my sight if I in so much as shift my gaze for a second.

     On days when my body isn't too sore to get up early I walk out of the house to watch the heavens change colors and take photos.

 The world doesn't seem huge to me when I am staring at such vivid hues dancing... luring me to explore and find little friends on the ground also looking happy to be alive, bobbing their tiny heads, moving their tiny legs.

     Ants spend their lives saving for rainy days. They teach us a lesson on financial management that perhaps when emulated could save many from economic blunders. Life provides no certainty to those who are lazy. On second thought, one thing is certain, they will perish unknown, contributing nothing to earth save for their rotting bodies turning to fertilizer. Chuckling here at the bluntness of my thoughts these days when everything is possible with a click of a button...that is if one isn't too lazy to even lift a finger. The simple joys of life are ours to treasure if we know exactly how and where to invest our hard earned money. Browsing the net where I usually spend my work free days trying to figure out the best insurance company to trust led me to health insurance at They supply the data one needs to come up with sound financial decisions by showing the risks and benefits; aids one to find the most affordable yet the best Health Insurance and Medical Plans through knowledge sharing. Their articles enlighten on many frequently asked questions on insurance and provide financial tools and calculators. The data they provide aids in decision making, all for the best.

 At the end of the day when everything even the wind seems to stop and rest one gets the sweetest of dreams when one is assured of another morning's coming with good health and recuperation from unavoidable sickness safely laid down in the hands of financial experts as keen as tiny ants....for you and me, we all live but once, so it is always the best choice to LOVE instead of HATE, forgive instead of keep grudges and to be GRATEFUL instead of constantly asking for more...

post contributed by Zen a.k.a. kulasa for The Joys of Simple Life

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  1. Goodness gracious, Zen! These photos are just simply gorgeous.

    Having health insurance is a must as we never know!

  2. That is also a good investment. Investing in your health is much better than buying a lot of golds.
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