Friday, April 13, 2012

I Feel Like an Idiot


This guest post from Hong Alexander

I used to think that home alarm systems were unnecessary until my house got broken into a few weeks ago. I felt like such a moron that I passed up this service because I thought my neighborhood was safe. After this experience I came to the conclusion that no neighborhood is safe. Thieves aren’t stupid. Why would they go and steal things in a poor neighborhood when they know they can get much better stuff in a rich one? I only recently realized that we don’t have very many police patrols, so it’s probably pretty easy to get away with things on my side of town. I see the error of my ways now after my home was cleaned out when I was on vacation. The thieves came in our back door and took almost everything. They must have had a moving truck or something to be able to pull that off. I also can’t believe that none of my neighbors saw anything. From here on out the police will be automatically alerted if someone comes into my home and doesn’t know our pass code.
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1 comment:

  1. There was some education done by a former burglar once that i gt to listen to - there were too many homes with no protection for him to mess any that did - and a dog, ant noisy, yappy dog was best - he simply did not want any attention drawn to what he was doing. Sorry to here that you were broken into, it is an awful feeling.