Sunday, March 11, 2012

Calling Your Name Out in Perth

      Have you ever been crazily love struck as in "cheesy" cake like love bitten? I guess everyone must have gotten through that stage at least once in a lifetime.

     Aaaahhh the magnificence of LOVE is beyond comprehension. The stars fall from the sky showering you with wishes, twinkle until the morning light and find their way into your eyes.. the moon stays up with the sun all day and everything appears crystal clear.You think of the person all day and night, couldn't keep your eyes off him or her and just want to hold each other tight.

You could even manage to swim the deepest oceans to touch thy beloved's hand. Catch a thousand raindrops in your palm and turn them into diamonds and swans.

     The most colorful of petals do not match the beauty of thy honey's grace and there is nothing in all the world that could take you away from love's magic wand...I remember a question we usually asked each other as teens, "trapped in an island or stuck in a faraway place whom would you love to be with?"  aahhhh I am getting a flushed cheek here just thinking of that person who first made this heart beat fast, who made me wanted to fly...and you know what...with all honesty if a time machine were to be in front of me now...just for the sake of feeling that inexplicable joy of innocent love all over again I will enter that door and go calling out the person's name where else but in Perth, Australia, the world's most isolated city! Ha, ha, now pulling myself back to reality I am happy that I need not a time machine to be able to fly to one of my dream places to spend on LOVE, I only have to call or visit a site that books flights to Perth and be answered in less than five seconds and off we could go.. me and the love of my life to a place where we could call out each others' name endlessly and let our hearts answer each others' longing....for as has been said time and again..."LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND."
~ all photos and thoughts about love by Zen~
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  1. indeed, love makes the world go round. hubby's been drooling on promo fares to Australia, they are way too cheap. one sweet day, we might fly to Perth or Sydney. daydreaming here with you, lol!

  2. I can feel your smile as you type this post. I hope you can renew your love affair of Perth with your special person.

  3. Beautiful thoughts and feelings, Zen! I am dreaming to get away for a while too..

  4. I want to bite my ipad seeing the first photo. I fell inlove reading this post. :)

  5. thank you so much Zen for this post, your eloquent thoughts and beautiful pictures make always your post very meaningful.

  6. very funny, you are very entertaining Zen !