Friday, February 10, 2012

Showtime Shows


Posted by Hyman Weeks

You guys seen a new Showtime show called Homeland? It's really one of the best new shows I've seen in years and I don't usually like things like that. It's all about a prisoner of war who comes back to the states and everyone wonders if he's actually working for the terrorists and the acting is just great. It's also set in Washington DC which is where I live so I think it's really fascinating watching them run around town. I recently went to to get some extra channels and sprung for the premiums and I'm really glad I did.Showtime in particular has a lot of really great original series that I would've been missing out on otherwise. I consider myself sort of the TV aficionado in my family so it's important for me to find out what the good shows are and then let everyone else know. They count on me for that information so as trivial as it sounds I take my responsibility as a family media guru seriously.
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