Friday, February 10, 2012

Organizing My Activities Online at Clipix

Post by ~Jeff~
Do you have things you love to do?  Maybe a hobby, special authors you love to read or specific topics always catch you attention?  I am one of those people who love to play paintball, read, listen to music, and engage in sports activities outdoors during all of the seasons.  When I am relaxing at home I like to surf the web.  I will search web sites related to my hobbies, search out specials or new products, and many times I will see a vacation website that looks interesting but I just do not have the time to preview the various links embedded inside.  On special events like my wife's birthday, Valentine's Day, and Christmas just to name a few, I will search online for that special gift.  My search dates may start months in advance or during normal conversation my wife or one of the kids will mention a special gift or item they would love to have for one of the aforementioned occasions.  My personal and private clipix file is used exclusively for these special events.  As a secret to just a few of my thousand friends when the new car fever hits---well my favorite auto manufacturer sites are clipped onto this private board too.  Most of my clipix are open for everyone but we all need a private board too.
What is clipix?  If you read the first paragraph it is just a small intreoduction to the benefits of clipix.  Clipix is a tool whereby when you visit a web site that you would like to come back to again or it is a favorite then you click on your clickix icon on your tool bar and post the link to your clipboard.  It better than a favorites bar since you can create clipboards labeled, Special Secrets, Vacation Ideas, Favorite Hobby site--you name it, Music sites, Book Sites, interesting articles, etc.  The list could be endless.  See clipix site and try it since it is free and easy. I have picture of one of my clipboards here (below image):
Our family uses two features for everyday use.  It all started when my daughter was low on shampoo.  She forgot to write it down so when we all went shopping for groceries she did not remember to pick it up.  Later in the week she ran out.  Now, we use two features called Syncboards and Multiboards. We have a grocery or "Household Needs" clipboard.  When anyone posts to this board every family member sees it in real time.  This helps us to not duplicate items.  The Multiboard feature is awesome since we can group multiple clipboards by category,  for instance the household needs clipboards. Each family member has their own household needs clipboard, their own automobile and school clipboard so when the oil needs to be changed or a school supply needs to be picked up everyone can post it clearly in an organized fashion.  It helps us all prioritize our activities and budget not only our money but our time as well.  They allow you to clip collaboratively with your friends or family. When anyone adds a clip to the Syncboard, everyone else you collaborate with will see it in real-time. Another awesome feature of clipix is the Multiboards. You can group multiple clipboards by category to stay better organized.  It is our individual and family life line.
Watch the video below,and tell me how you would use clipix it could be a way to teach each other new ideas--they are endless.
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