Friday, February 10, 2012

Numbers, Nature and Trees

~Guest post by Emtie Hed~

Quinalt Rainforest, Olympic National Park, WA
I have always love numbers, nature and trees. I see in a tree unique vertices but belonging to one path. Inside the forest I see the great disjoint union of trees. I enjoyed immensely when I was in school making factor trees. It was no surprise for my family that I ended up getting a career in Physical Science. I totally loved it when I am studying about the physical forces that shape our world that are available to us as resources. It was also no surprise when I added tax preparation to my skills as an enrolled agent cpe. What actually drove me to get an enrolled agent continuing education was learning some friends and family were paying money to file their taxes. I thought why not become a licensed tax preparer so I can earn extra money. Of course, I do not want to give up my career in Physical Science. As an enrolled agent, I am required to take 72-hours of continuing education to maintain my license. I have no complains about that, because my experience with our natural world taught me that nothing is permanent, everything is constantly changing. I see the need of continuing education as tax preparer because every tax return is different, and every year is different. Thankfully, there are various online classes I can take, and also exam prep resources online that I can use. I have been blessed to enjoy what I love doing, numbers, nature and trees!

~by Emtie~
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