Monday, January 09, 2012

Looking To The Dietary Gods

 Guest Post By Jeff

I am sure one of the ancients said, "To lose weight or Not to Lose Weight; that is the question." Well if the ancients never phrased it that way in my life I have verbalized it and more times than not the later part of the phrase has more truth.
 If your family is like my family and if you remember your parents and grandparents New Year's resolutions about diet, this weight loss thing has been going on for centuries. I can also remember talking to my senior relatives about exercise, watching what you eat, and healthy living tips. My curiousity has now extended to the ancients--I found this article "Looking to the Dietary Gods: Eating Well According to the Ancients" written by Tim Feniss at the web link
How we look at food, weight and how to lose weight have been questions for those with weight issues and for physical and metaphysical implications. How we look at food, what to eat, how to avoid too much, and what are the best practices for something that appears to be the center of life as we know it--even in a healthy lifestyle we do it more than once a day--every day. Eating well and eating right is a very important foundation to any lifestyle whether for maintenance or to lose weight. The ancients addressed one aspect on this subject as an ethical decision. Do we owe the animals in an ethical sense a majority place in our decision to only eat certain foods? Should we ignore animal meat in our diet and only consume plants, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and things grown from seeds. When we eat the natural foods from the earth we can replace them easier than producing a live birth--thus our ethical decision has been satisfied.

We hear it now in many arenas, "Just say no." The ancient leaders addressed restraint in not only food but many areas of our history. Looking at desire to eat, drink, and food types as Cicero and the other ancients viewed it I think is an important way to approach the mental values to weight loss. Taking restraint to a new level by preparing how to keep the proper amounts in perspective. The ancients discussed it at

The last area to consider with the ancients is health. Keeping a healthy eating environment can save gym time and burning extra calories. Using health as a way to maintain an edge over all life obstacles can allow us to move forward in all areas because we can devote more time to them versus wasting time burning off mistakes in eating. Visit the web site and view the thoughts of the masters, the ancients of wisdom, and seek for yourself what others have searched for during the last several hundred centuries. Maybe, just maybe, the lessons of old have been the best all along. Seek for yourself at
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  1. fantatsic pictures and great food for thought! thank you both...