Friday, January 13, 2012

London 2012

Time flies.... was it only four years ago when we watched the thrill of Beijing Olympics from our television sets? Lucky were those who were able to experience the Olympics live. Since then, I had been thinking about going to London for summer Olympics. But time flies so fast, now, 2012 is here, and I have not made any concrete plans yet of going to London. Some of my colleagues already had booked games for their favorite events, because they can be sold out very fast. And some, had already reserved their stay in London since 2 years ago! I haven't had done any long term planning for any trip, the longest trip planning I ever made was Alaska where I made lodging reservations December 2010 for our trip July 2011.

Reservation was then made only 7 months in advance. When my husband two years ago reminded me to start looking for hotels if I am considering London trip for summer 2012 Olympics, I shrugged it off since I was thinking that 2 years is still too far away. But sadly, it is 2012 now, and soon, London 2012 summer Olympics is here, and I would be again maybe watching the Olympics from our TV set. As I am reminded by some colleagues of their summer 2012 trip to London for the Olympics, I felt cold water splashed over me. Am I too late for planning? A friend tipped me about the benefits of contacting Robert and Polly Arnold who are Londoners and have lived in London all their lives. They have vast knowledge of Central London sight and London Apartments, and can offer excellent tips to make anyone's London visit a truly memorable and priceless one. My friend told me they made reservations for London Apartments instead of hotel since she said it is a lot more convenient than hotel if one stays in London a little bit longer. I can not disagree since my most pleasant experience was at Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington where we stayed in an apartment style lodging. We had our own kitchen, we had several baths we did not have to wait for each other when we had to rush in the morning in pursuit of the sunrise. Since we are very much picky eaters, picky in the sense that we go always for healthiest foods, we find a lot of restaurant foods too greasy for our liking, that one of my dislikes when taking vacation is eating out! We would always tell ourselves, it's only for a week or two anyway of having a disturbed "unhealthy" foods. It was then on seeing the kitchen that I realized if there is a choice, I would go for apartment rentals for vacation than hotel rooms so we can have the luxury of preparing our own dishes which mostly are vegetables based.
London 2012....too we have the time?
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