Saturday, January 07, 2012

iPhone and iPad Freedom

Guest post by Jeff

I think I represent most families who love the Apple products. I am like most who own both an iPad and an iPhone. My daughter owns an iPad 2 and an iPhone and our family shares two iPod touches. Part of the reason we like our electronic gadgets is to get the most out of them. So, my daughter said to me last week, "Dad, can we Jailbreak our iphones and iPads?" I thought what is jailbreak? She said, "Come with me to look at this amazing software. We went to our iPad and looked at the web site of iPhonelox. I learned IPhonelox has software that can unlock all of my Apple products. It will improve the uses for my iPhone. I learned that by jailbreaking my phone I can use other apps not made by Apple. We opened the web page which showed me the options for allowing our family to maximize our phone apps, fine tuning, settings, and almost in every way. It just made sense since in almost every way our family could maximize our phones. It was almost as if our Apple products were saying jailbreakme. We purchased this product immediately.

Next we looked at how we could maximize out iPad's. I learned just how important jailbreaking was to freedom of the equipment. By jailbreaking the iPad we can bypass iTunes and the iTunes library, we can also choose any carrier and use any sim card we want. Since I have used the software on our iPad we can multitask between surfing the web and listening to music at the same time. If your teens are like my daughter listening to music and surfing the web are things that go together. Life in our home is better because of this feature, plus there are many other reasons too and I encourage you to search for yourself and find what is important to you.

 We moved onto the website to so we could jailbreak our iPod. This will allow us to choose our own app stores and apps. We can have more control our utilities and features. If your family is on the go like mine you may want to try Jailbreakme which is an untethered jailbreak solution. If you have an iPhone 4 the best way to unlock it is with Jailbreakme. After reading the information about jailbreakme and unlocking my iPhone at we moved forward. It all started with the web site at to bring our family new apps, expanded features, and jealous neighbors when our Apple products could do more than their products and now we can shop for all services for the best bang for our buck. Check it out for yourself--your conclusions will mirror our decisions. Good Luck.

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