Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do I have Mail?


Time of the year....... where I would very carefully check what is in my mailbox, and I would not want those mails get to anyone instead. It is this time of the year where we get our W2's, the time of the year where these dreaded income reporting are mailed to us. So, this is the time of the year we watch carefully our mailboxes.

Aside from W2's, this is also the time of the year where I am waiting for my annual Cash Back from Costco. I call that shopping happine$$ :) However, at other times checking my mailbox gives me pain as well. Oftentimes, junk mails overcrowds my regular mail. However, these junk mails I could just not throw directly into the recycle because they may contain some of my very important information that people can use for their fraudulent transactions. I carefully check each mail, regardless whether they are junk or not that they do not contain our important information.

Also, with the mails just simply dumped in the mail boxes create some fear that some mails may be lost or stolen. Thankfully, our community has residential mailboxes system that are well secured, operating almost like those of commercial mailboxes. Mailboxes are locked and if we go out of town for a long time, we just leave a note inside our mailbox for the post man that we will just pick up our mails in the post office when we get back. This practice has helped us having some peace of mind that all our mails will always be secured even when we are not around to get them. Checking our mail brings me both joy and headache, headache for all those junks that I still need to sort out and carefully shred, and joy, for those happy ones like a rebate (my annual cash back happiness from Costco). The joy, is the one that makes me always wonder, if "do I have mail?" And yes! I have :)
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