Saturday, November 05, 2011

Stand Up For Family

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Living far from most of my family, there are days that I do feel homesick and I am wishing they are all nearby.  What helps me a lot dealing with my homesickness is going out spending time with nature.
My heart always leap with unexplainable and immeasurable joy whenever I see family bonding with nature. Because that's how I learned to appreciate the world around me then. I always looked forward waking up early in the morning to hunt for wild mushrooms during mushroom season. Running in the field of grass was our kind of game. No computers then to make us couch potatoes. My playground was the grassy hill very close to our home, it was our giant slide made by nature for us. We were like these two kids below who did not mind kissing the sand.
Nature was our giant playground, thus, having to go home by 6:00 pm (our curfew then) was always sad for me. I always wanted to be out, the outdoors was my home! But of course, we had to get back home before 6:00 pm because they were the rules we had to follow. As family, we would pray together when the clock strikes 6:00 pm, we would have to dine together, and then, of course, we all had to do our homework and study if it was a weekday. If we're all done with homework, that's when we could join in the living room to share some fun. Rules .....if I think of those days, it brings a lot of smiles in my heart. I am not sure if you have watched the Stand Up For Family videos. 
These are family comedy videos that the whole family can enjoy. My favorite is "Still Free" because it reminds me of the games we play in childhood such as "go, hide and seek", or "touch-me-not". Things were much simpler then, but nevertheless, very joyful! Despite the fact that we enjoyed outside so much, we still had to go home for family, the rules we had to abide then. Though remembering them right now gives me a lot of chuckles, but am always thankful for those rules! My parents were not strict, but they had the most loving and caring way of making us follow their rules, or else..... :) What makes it fun for me watching these American Family Insurance Stand Up For Family Videos is that I am seeing my family when I was growing up then. If you want to get chuckles and laughter remembering the good old days with our family, go check what I mean by watching these videos brought to you by AmFam.
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  1. Are those sand dunes? I would love to play out there!

  2. love, love, love the first photo Beth! a picture of heaven on earth!

  3. Your childhood sounds so calm and peaceful. I feel like we are always running someplace.