Sunday, October 09, 2011

Why Fiji?

Looking for that heaven on Earth escape from civilization? What about Fiji?
Fiji is a beautiful place for holiday and is a popular destination for all types of tourists. There is romance, there is thrill, there is backpacking, there is diving, among other activities you can think of. You can find various Fiji vacation packages that will suit your kind of vacation or your needs. Fiji is blessed with 333 islands and some of which are inhabited, making for a perfect secluded Fiji honeymoon.
The white sandy beaches, fanning palm trees, sweet and thirst quenching young coconut juice, pristine oceans and waterways, rushing streams and tropical forests seem to provide so much to do for most travelers. Fiji weather is great. The ocean temperature is ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling and surfing year round without a need of wet suit. It's a great get-away for those who wants to escape the cold winter blues. Though we live right next to the ocean, but sometimes, I do wish to be chasing the waves without the restriction of a wet suit.

Fiji has mountains that are great for hiking, trekking and mountain biking. You can find Fiji all inclusive resorts at very reasonable prices. Foods and accommodations are great and world class. The romantics make this spectacular resort their popular choice for Fiji weddings, expressing their joy of finding heaven on Earth, where honeymooners can spend the day on an island paradise without seeing anyone. Many of the beaches are inhabited with stretches of breathtaking scenery that remains untouched. Vacationers have a choice to spend their time in this paradise either through adventure treks and dives, or just simply relax on white sand untouched beaches. The people in Fiji are very hospitable, which added more warmth to this beautiful and peaceful place.

Despite being a popular tourist destination, vacationers can still find their perfect secluded vacation if they are after serenity and peacefulness because of the many islands in Fiji. Crime rates are low, giving vacationers peace of mind and not worry about their safety while enjoying a taste of paradise on Earth.
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  1. ahhh would certainly love to someday be there!

  2. As a regular holidayer to Fiji, I can attest to the fact that Fiji is, indeed, paradise!