Friday, September 09, 2011

Travel Planning

Have you been enjoying the benefits of having internet? I do! I believe most of us do! I always enjoy finding cheap flights and cheaper deals when we travel on line. Most of our trips had always been very productive in terms of sightseeing.
Travel planning is a lot easier with the help of internet. These days, I do not go to places with blind expectations, instead, I have my set expectations basing from my online research. Checking also for the best deal in international flights is easier with internet. Since I am making plans on visiting Philippines next year, as early as now, I try to compare flights between singapore airlines, united airlines, philippine airlines, qantas, jetstar and more. And for me, the more choices there are, the better, the more chances of finding really cheaper deals to save expenses when traveling :)
Ahh, it is so great to fly, if only we have wings, right?

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  1. You are so organize, and a great planner, Betchai!

  2. I am not going anywhere on a plane soon that I know, but yes, I like to be able to look for cheap flights on the internet myself.

  3. Since I was without Internet for a week, I definitely appreciate it. I was lost without my connection to the outside world.

  4. This post is really simple but very informative. For any kind of traveling trip you must have little bit knowledge about that place regarding accommodation, travel etc.