Monday, September 19, 2011

Keeping an Active Lifestyle

 I have never been in serious weight trouble, though I must say I have gained so much weight through the years because as I age, my metabolism slows down yet I still live to eat :( I know, it is not very healthy to have no self discipline towards ones appetite, but somehow, I cannot just say no to sweets and chocolates!
 Thankfully, so that I keep my weight gain to an acceptable number, I just keep an active lifestyle. The outdoors is not only my source of inspiration to free myself from stress and feel rejuvenated, it is also my local gym. I don't have to pay for membership, yet I have the beauty of the world around me as I exercise.
 My outdoor exercise is not limited to hiking/climbing mountains, but also extends to kicking my legs and arms in the water. Hiking and the ocean are two of my physical activities that helps me stay fit.
My inspiration to keep an active lifestyle is to be able to explore more of our beautiful world at the backroads. It is my wish that when I will be financially ready to retire from work, I would still be able to hike uphill and conquer steep slopes carrying a heavy backpack. A wish that I work on everyday. I guess, because I do a lot of outdoor activities, I can say yes oftentimes to sweets and chocolates.
However, keeping an ideal weight is not always easy for others. Some, it is not a matter of self discipline, but it is more so on genetics. You may wonder how some would eat so little yet they still seem to be overweight.   However, obesity can cause trouble for our heart and may result to many complications. People who are overweight are usually encouraged to keep their weight to a healthy and acceptable level. For most, keeping weight to a healthy level can be achieved by exercising and healthy eating. But for a few who may have some genetic tendency to be obese, they needed more medical assistance to keep their weight at the healthy level. As such, they may have to follow some prescribed diet pills with ephedra. There are many ways to keep weight in control for those who may have difficulty keeping their weight in a natural way. It is not a matter of looking good, but more so on keeping one's health away from many risks associated with obesity.
However, for most who are capable of keeping their fitness level by staying active, one would not easily lose the interest on staying active if there is a purpose. My purpose on keeping an active lifestyle? To stay healthy as long as I can be since it is the cheapest way to keep life joyful, and of course, I wanted to keep on exploring the beauty of our world where no motorized vehicle can bring us as long as I can live.

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  1. you're right about age and metabolism slowing down. It has been so hard for me to get rid of the last five pounds!

  2. I so agree with Amanda -I don't lose the way I do ten years ago! *sigh* Droppin' by amiga! *hugs*