Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Let us Go to San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco from Marin Headlands
A few days back, my husband caused my heart to pump faster when he told me, "Let us go to San Francisco dear". I asked why, and he said, "oh, I found out I won't be too busy this month, and after next month, you won't be as flexible to take vacation anymore, so I thought of spending another week of vacation, in San Francisco." Oh, how I wish I jumped into the opportunity right away when he first said it, because right now, he is on loan to another project that needed very much his help. Getting away again after we just got back from vacation seems to be not so likely now :( Oh well, next time. There will always be another San Francisco vacation.
San Francisco Pier
Though we both are not so fond of a city vacation, but San Francisco is more than just another city for both of us. First, we both have friends dear to us who are in San Francisco area, and aside from them, most people in San Francisco in general seem to be a bunch of happy, diverse people who don't look stressed and ready to help you when you seem to be a little bit lost. I am sure we both would have a few days dating our separate friends, enjoying the oh so tasteful dining in San Franciso restaurants and vibrant coffee shops. I love seafood. Aside from the yummy seafoods in the historic San Francisco Pier 39, I cannot forget the seafood restaurant, Catch, in San Francisco, Castro Area that we went to last time. Second, San Francisco is such a beautiful highly urbanized city but is just a few minutes drive from a nature get-away. Walking in San Francisco streets make me feel like I am hiking already, what with all the uphill and downhill walk.
Hilly Streets of San Francisco
@ San Francisco's Crooked St, Lombardt St
On top of that, nature get-away is just a few minutes drive from San Francisco. 
Harbor Seals Hauling on our way to Point Reyes National Seashore
There are redwood forests nearby, and a walk in the midst of these giant and tall trees seem like being transported back in time. One of my favorite nature escapes in San Francisco is to Point Reyes National Seashore, one, because I am so amazed with its beautiful and foggy landscape, and two, I enjoy eating freshly picked oysters there, and grilled right in front of me, yummy! 
Big Sur
And my favorite nature escape in California, Big Sur, is just a few hours drive from San Francisco. Actually, we would really be passing Big Sur on our way to San Francisco from San Diego. Now, my heart sings, "let us go to San Francisco"..... 
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  1. Good grief, I sure hope you will include me in your San Francisco friends to visit. I'm not a hiker at all ( my walker has to accompany me ) but I'd love to meet you for lunch, that's for sure ). I would go with you to the Botanical Garden - which I'm sure Jo would want to show you - and there are some pretty nice hiking places around which I am sure you'll sleuth out! It would be so great to meet you in person!

  2. singing with you Betchai...oh one sweet day with you in san Francisco would make this life so perfect...