Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is Online Backup A Need?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I recently had to send my very new laptop to the manufacturer for repair. It was painful when at first it sent me messages that soon my laptop will crash. Afraid to lose all my files, I hurriedly did computer backup. Thankfully, this time around, I was able to save all my files, before my laptop crashed. And it is still in warranty, so I did not have to pay any for repair. However, 4 years ago, I lost majority of my files when my laptop crashed without giving me any warning. My memories from my travels and hikes were gone, swept in one crash! My treasured hard work from my previous research journals were gone! From then on, I had been very careful in transferring always every file to a portable hard drive. But with the rate I am taking pictures, do you know how much I spend for a portable hard drive? About $100 a year, since I used up the 1TB so quickly! I shoot so many pictures, and each picture is more than 20 MB. I also save my files not just in one external hard drive, but two! But despite this careful way of managing my files now of saving them in two portable hard drives, I still have that fear what if these external drives will also fail? Also, once, while on vacation, I saw a very good job opportunity. But sadly, I missed the deadline because I did not have the files with me. Had my electronic copies of resume, recommendation letters, transcript, credentials, and more where with me, I could have given myself the chance to apply for the job. I always have been wondering for an online backup. I used to have some of my professional files at yahoo briefcase, but that was gone. But the size was too small. The advantage of having an online backup is that I can access my files anywhere, anytime, when I need to. Looking for an online backup, I came across the Carbonite site. What they offer is very attractive to me. They have unlimited online back-up, which means I do not have to worry if my files exceed 1 TB, 10 TB or more. Gee, the files these days are getting bigger with all the technology. I never thought before I can use up 1 TB of disk space so quickly! But with high resolution pictures, 1 TB is small.
What I find attractive with Carbonite is the automatic online backup! Though I am very careful these days in creating computer backup, but the process of adding new files to my external HD I must tell you is using some time as well. Sometimes, I do forget. With Carbonite, new files are automatically backed up whenever my computer is connected to the internet. I do not have to worry about which files to delete sometimes when I worry about using up so much disk space, because with Carbonite, the storing is unlimited. 
You can try the benefits of using an online backup through Carbonite.

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  1. I had similar experience twice with my laptop, and I lost everything on it..I'm now very careful. Thanks for the information.

  2. While it is easy to create a local backup of your computer, the physical media where you are storing the backups, like the DVDs or external disk, may not be very reliable in the long term. The other disadvantage is that local backups don’t always happen in real-time.

  3. I think it is necessary, and glad to know there is such service. I always back-up my files.