Thursday, August 11, 2011

Born To Be Epic And To Rock The Sidewalk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love jeans. Who doesn’t? If you are not so sure what the dress code is, you always feel safe with jeans. Jeans can be worn anywhere without worrying about style.  It’s hard to be wrong with jeans since they never go out of fashion and are very versatile. The versatility of jeans is great especially when traveling where we do not want to carry a lot of clothes. We can dress up jeans with ladies blouse, sexy heels, some accessories and a blazer.
We can dress down our jeans with a pair of casual sandals to rock the sidewalk whether in the city or in a quaint little town by the countryside.
We can look sporty with jeans by wearing it with a t-shirt, a messenger bag or a ladies backpack and a base ball cap. That would make us ready for a whole day of wandering anywhere. We can go from football stand to the beach, yehey!
 Jeans had been round since the 1800’s and continues to become more popular each day.  They have evolved from blue trousers to a lot more cuts and designs. Talking about  versatility of styles and designs in women's jeans, Express jeans continue to rock the sidewalk with their various designs. From form fitting jean leggings

to flare jeans of different shades and colors,


Express has them all. Though both jean leggings and flare jeans are flattering to a woman's form, but I prefer the flare jeans more because they seem to even out my legs and I appear to be thinner. However, I do have some pair of jean leggings which I wear with my long blouses, the pair of jean leggings and long blouses hide my bigger hips and thighs, thus I still feel confident that I look thinner than I really normally am. 

Since I can never get enough of jeans, I am excited with the recent promotion from Express where they will be giving away 50 free pairs! I am dreaming of winning their promo so that I will have another pair of jeans that are born to be epic and to rock the sidewalk! Come now, join Express giveaway and give yourself a chance to own stylish and elegant Express Jeans. Which of the Express Jeans would you want to win or to have and why?
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  1. Beth you rock those jeans and ..W-O-W you are such a fashionable diva! You have matched everything in a subtle but very stylish way -from blouse, bag, shoes and accessories. Love to see the accessories -they look good on you. You stand beautifully like a model, Beth! In fact, you could really pass for one -being slim and well-proportioned! I am so glad you love the trinkets! It gives me a certain kind of high to know somebody feels good because of it. Love yah, girl! *hugs*

  2. screaming W-O-W here too!!! super love your photos Betchai! i am lost for words...echoing Tesya here...."You stand beautifully like a model."...and you are indeed a perfect model for jeans...what with you being a wonderful "wanderwoman":-)

  3. Oh you look great. Wish I had long legs like you do. You are a model.

  4. You are such a beautiful model! A real one, not one that's all made-up!

    I like your combination of blouses and bag!