Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paying for the Comfort

CA Sea Lavender, Trail between Torrey Pines and Del Mar
Two summers ago, in one of the classes I attended, our professor asked us of the outdoor activities we do other than our work and studies. Majority in our class, both guys and gals, answered surfing and hiking. After hearing all of us, our professor said, "I am glad you all are into outdoors, otherwise, what is the point of paying the high price of living in San Diego when you do not make the most of it? Come to think of it, if you do enjoy surfing and hiking all year, not one of you should complain about the high housing cost here because if you sum it all up, you actually are not really paying so much for the lifestyle you live. Everyday is like a vacation for you, and people spends thousands of dollars for a few days of vacation, yours is year round. If you do not enjoy the outdoors, why not move somewhere else where the cost of living would be a lot cheaper for you? Unless of course, your job can not be found anywhere else but only in San Diego."
For other people living in San Diego though, it is not only the outdoors that they are willing to pay for the high price, it is the weather. 
It has mild weather year round, does not get too hot like most of the country in the summer, and does not get too cold like most of the country in winter. However, it is a short drive to 4 season mountains and hot deserts. San Diego has one of the top ten best climates in the Farmer's Almanac. However, despite the natural beauty and mild climate San Diego offers, both the city and county had a retreading population, which means more people are moving out than people moving in to the city.

San Diego Harbor
 For most people who left this beautiful city, the outdoors and weather is not enough to pay the price, especially when the economy went down to a recession and a lot lost their jobs. I know several friends however who had been affected by the economy braved the storm by taking Mortgage Refinance Rates. After careful studying of FHA Streamline Rates, and positive thinking that the economy will bounce back, they decided to weather the financial and economic storm here in San Diego. I am happy for them however, that despite losing their better paying jobs, they do not mind working on a less paying job, something that others would not be so inclined doing. 
The economic slump though gave other people a chance to move in the city as well, especially those who are retiring and have saved enough money. For them, it is the best time to move to the city when the real estate is still lower than previous years, and as long as they find the right Realtor for them, which can offer them the best deal. So, is paying for higher price of living in San Diego all worth it?
For me, it is, because when one lives simply, the price is not really that high. 
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  1. Living a simple life in San Diego and enjoying beach, nearby mountains and desert sounds wonderful. :)

  2. "For me, it is, because when one lives simply, the price is not really that high."....well said Betchai...i'd really love to visit you there one sweet day...

  3. Agreed. Live it simple and we will enjoy it. :)

  4. I'm convinced and want to move now to your city. Now, I have to get permission from the X to take JoJo with me!