Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enjoying The Finer Details

How do you view the physical world around you? For me, I mostly view our physical world with my naked eyes. Sometimes, I also use camera and cell phone to help me see what my naked eyes cannot see. For example, I was afraid to inspect the details of a bee because it meant getting close to the bee and I feared getting bee sting. These days, because of technological advances in our gadgets, I can get the details of the bee even if I am several feet away!
Busy Bee
The technological advances in camera also allow me to shoot hummingbirds and other wildlife from afar without disturbing them. What a wonderful world it is.
while this hummingbird was busy enjoying the nectar, I was also busy taking her a picture without disturbing her
When I go home and upload the pictures to my computer, I enjoy looking at the finer details which my naked eyes will not be able to see.
The evolution of technology is not limited to photography only. Cell phones right now can take higher resolution pictures and offer higher resolution videos. But for those who are not satisfied with small screen, they can view their very high resolution photos in their wide screen TV! It is very relaxing sometimes to just sit and watch my chosen pictures from travel or simply from wildlife with full high definition content at 1080p! To optimize high definition viewing, it is not only necessary to have a 1080p monitor and disc player, but a high definition multimedia interface (hdmi) cable is also a must. Optimized Cable Company brings optimized hdmi cables that boast picture-perfect 1080p digital pictures and brilliant eight-channel sound.  Even with just sounds, listening to music becomes ultra different with high definition sounds. One disadvantage though of enjoying optimized high definition viewing and high definition audio is that you may forget about the time and just simply sit for long hours enjoying the finer details. Thankfully, for me, my favorite high definition video discs are the picture slide shows with my chosen favorite music that I created! It means I have to get out more, explore our world out of the doors so I can create more relaxing high definition wildlife and places discs. Maybe, I should start selling them? But for now, let me just enjoy our beautiful world in the most relaxing way that I know minus business stress :)
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  1. Macro photography is so beautiful. What a great way to see nature without disturbing it.

  2. Beth, those are beautiful macros, they seem to glow! Alas, I was able to post photos already -hahaha! :D Thanks a bunch! :)

  3. Oh I love my digital camera, though small, but I still can see the details very well with my humble zoom!

  4. aaahhh i see something blue in the first photo, weeeee....i firmly wish i could someday have the guts to buy a better cam...hahaha i am waiting for one to fall from heaven literally for me to to impossible of course, love yah Betch!

  5. My sons gave me an Android phone for my birthday...I really like it for all the bells and whistles...I dowloaded Medscape ( nurse that I am ) and I can get Facebook...but I've yet to take a picture.

    Your macros are incredible.