Saturday, May 21, 2011

Canada and...

Despite the frustrations sometimes in my chosen career, I can say that I still cannot exchange the happiness I get whenever students shout for joy and whenever students feel proud about themselves because they accomplish something in Math. Having tried different jobs, I believe I can say that teaching is the profession I want to grow old with. I am happy and blessed to have found what I love to do. Having been to many places, I can say San Diego is where I want to retire, where, here I found a great balance and harmony of all my interests in life:
1. the great outdoors and nature photography
2. culture, and well, Asian foods!
3. and yes, HEALTHCARE, a sign of getting old.
But maybe, had I grown up here in US, I may have been a Natural Park ranger, working to preserve the wonderful natural resources of our earth. But I am happy teaching called me first, as it has become my meaning and purpose. However, my visits to National Parks had inspired me to get to know all other National Parks that preserve the natural resources, beauty and grandeur that mother nature gifted us with. It is my goal to see all of the 58 US National Parks first, then, the National Parks in Asia and Canada. National Parks in Asia being close to my origin in the Philippines, and in Canada, being the neighbor of US. However, part of getting old, whenever we travel we always see to it that the places we go to have accessible healthcare since we always do not know what can happen. In our last adventure vacation in the Pacific Northwest, one of us got sick from dehydration and had to be rushed to the Urgent Care. It was scary. But thankfully, when it happened we just left Mt. Rainier, WA
Hiking @ Mt. Rainier
 and were approaching civilization at Hood River, OR. We did not have problems finding hospital and pharmacy to attend to our needs.
In Canada, where I plan to see the polar bears in their natural habitat, it would be much colder and more strenuous to hike up the mountains because we are not so used to climbing on ice. Because of the extreme cold, there's that fear again that one of us may get dehydration sickness again during a hike from unattended exhaustion. To minimize that fear, I called my friend who is living close to Manitoba, Canada ( closer to the polar bears) and inquired about accessible healthcare closer to the place I wanted to explore. Enthusiastically, she shared her excitement that "If there is one thing she is every proud of in is the healthcare". Aside from the healthcare, prescription drugs and over the counter drugs are also not only highly accessible but very much affordable. Her husband is on the heavy side and to minimize the risk of heart disease, he has been prescribed Lipitor. She said it is very easy for them to buy lipitor by mail or online which is much cheaper. I think how she describes Canada drugs is very similar to how US Medco works but may be even cheaper? Becuase I am on maintenance prescription for my allergies, I get my 3 months prescription drugs by mail and I save a lot of money when I do that. Patients can get their prescription drugs whether online, by mail, fax or email at which reduce the cost to the patients. This is what I like about traveling and exploring other places sometimes, because aside from knowing about the natural sceneries and features of a particular place, I get to learn more other aspects which are as important when we are considering over-all quality of life.
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  1. I know what you mean, why aren't there more teachers like you? The world would be too perfect ha?

    Come & Play: Thursday Two Questions

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