Monday, April 18, 2011

Times Square New York

I spent my first year in US in the US East Coast, at Orange, Connecticut (CT), which is a suburb close to New Haven. One of my favorite weekend get-aways then was going to New York. When I was very new to this country, I always was suffering from homesickness. Going to New York City (NYC) was helping me ease the pain of homesickness. There, I got to see a lot of Filipino stores and restaurants at Queens. I would enjoy the fresh sea food market at China town. Whenever I went back to my home base at CT, I was always happily bringing more than a week of Filipino foods and supplies. Queens, NY, was like then my home away from home.

But of course there is more to NYC than the Filipino town, China town, and all the other little communities that make New York a melting pot of different cultures that blend harmoniously. There were some weekends that I would also spend a night in NYC, I would go to NYC early Saturday morning, and leave Sunday afternoon. When I was still in the Philippines, I always wonder how it feels like watching a live Broadway show. Thus, I took advantage of living close to NYC by watching Broadway shows when I was still in CT. I would spend a night at Times Square New York with a friend, and share affordable hotel room with her. My friend and also co-teacher was a native New Yorker, so she helped me get smart in finding my way in NYC and get better deals. She would explain to me which site do we go online to find Where to stay in Times Square New York. Since transportation in NYC is very accessible, we always chose a hotel that is close to the subway stations, where you will find a good listing of them in CRS Hotels. Planning where to stay sometimes can take so much time, thankfully, back then, I had someone who helped me find all the good deals in NYC, and now, you can find easy help through CRS Hotels.We would also get very cheap Broadway tickets. I can remember my very first Broadway, Phantom of the Opera, we were sitting in the front rows, and we paid less than one hundred dollars! I was awed and mesmerized, that each time, I always plan to go to Times Square to see a Broadway play.
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  1. Love the experience you feel in NYC, especially at Times Square with it's bigger than life displays and lights.