Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ultimate Moving Solution

Photo of Rog showing Teyla the beautiful New River from an overlook at Grandview State Park, courtesy of MJ

I've always been a big fan of rivers. Small rivers. Wide, raging rivers. Deep rivers ... the kinds that flow silently. Winding rivers ... the ones that snake hither and thither, stealthily cutting their way through lush canyons with steep cliffs on either side. Or the ones that tumble down sheer granite or sandstone, transforming into breathtaking waterfalls. Any kind of river, really, fascinates me. If someone formed a group called "The River Lovers Club," you bet I'd be one of the first to sign up!

Rog's Uncle John, a jolly, lanky bachelor in his late 50s who had lived most of his life in Ohio, paid us a visit a few years back. Turns out he is a huge river fan as well! We drove him up to Grandview State Park just outside Beckley, West Virginia, one crisp autumn afternoon. Strolled down to the main overlook with him and, boy, one glance at the flowing New River and the man fell in love!
New River from a different overlook. Photo courtesy of MJ

"This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!," I remember Uncle John saying, almost reverently, while wiping a tear or two from his eyes. Yeah, the New River has that effect on some people. It is THAT gorgeous, specially when viewed from a park that proudly stands up to its name - Grandview! Uncle John raved about the New River for the rest of his stay. A couple weeks later, when he called from Ohio to check on us, one of the first things he said when I picked up the phone was, "Man, I miss that river!"

So last summer, it didn't come as much of a surprise to us when Uncle John announced he had sold a bunch of his stuff and was moving to Raleigh County, West Virginia. We figured he constantly saw the river in his dreams. Then there was the added attraction of the lower cost of living in our state, as compared to his part of Ohio.

"I was wondering if you guys could come up in a few weeks and help me move?," he wanted to know. Well, Teyla had just turned a year old last summer - too young yet to help lift heavy furniture:) We decided it would be more of a hassle for all of us to go and help with the move - with an active, growing baby needing our constant attention, that is. So in the end, I got to stay home with Teyla one hot weekend in August while Rog made the 5-hour trip to Uncle John's.
Photo of Rog, MJ and Teyla taking a break from a stroll around Grandview State Park last summer, courtesy of MJ

Two days later, Uncle John rolled into town in a huge moving van bursting at the seams with his earthly possessions. Rog drove behind him in his car, which was also filled to the brim with more of Uncle John's stuff. They had spent more than a day packing his things and then cramming them into the moving van and Rog's car. Then because the moving van was so huge and Uncle John had never driven that type of vehicle before, he drove tremendously slower and said he was a nervous wreck all the way, almost expecting to wreck at any moment. Anyway, by the time they reached Coal City, they were absolutely worn out, and they still had to drive about an hour more to get to Uncle John's new place! Well, I wondered about Uncle John's huge F250 pick-up and asked him about it. He told me another nephew would drive it down the following weekend. It was just too big and heavy to haul behind the moving van. And since Rog had to drive his Grandam, and Uncle John had to drive the moving van, they were short of a driver for the pick-up.

Recently, I was thinking about this common moving problem - being short of a driver during moving day - when I came across the web site of this cool moving company, u-pack Moving.

Apparently, U-Pack Moving helps customers save money because they - the customers - do the loading and unloading themselves while U-Pack provides the moving trailer or moving container AND the driver all for a reasonable price that compares to renting a moving truck! So ask yourself this, if you were preparing for a big move, why would you choose to rent the usual moving truck (that you or a family member would have to drive) when you could choose U-Pack Moving and - for about the same price - be provided with BOTH the moving truck AND the driver?
Rog showing Teyla some pretty rhododendrons, the state flower of West Virginia, at Grandview, courtesy of MJ

If I could go back in time, I would definitely tell Uncle John about U-Pack Moving. I'm sure they would have helped make his move to town an easier one. Some of the other things I like about U-Pack Moving are:

- U-Pack Moving doesn't charge you for weight.
They base your moving cost on space, meaning you only pay for the space your stuff takes up in the moving vehicle.

- U-Pack promises faster transit times! They can move you just about anywhere in the United States within 2-5 business days, whereas other moving companies take 15-20 days.

- U-Pack features professional drivers who can safely transport your belongings from your old place to the new one. Moving - specially cross country - can be difficult and dangerous when driving a large, unfamiliar truck. U-Pack lets you have peace of mind by providing you with skilled drivers.

A few months ago, a friend from Virginia passed through town, had dinner with us and, the next day, asked if there were any nearby state parks she could visit. Of course, we proudly recommended Grandview State Park. Our friend's reaction - upon seeing the New River - was similar to Uncle John's reaction of amazement years ago, when he first set eyes on that lovely winding river. So we wouldn't be surprised if our friend decides to move to town in the near future. If and when that happens, we will definitely recommend U-Pack Moving.
Rog, MJ and Teyla once again taking in the grandeur of the New River, courtesy of MJ

They drive. You save. It couldn't be more simpler than that! To find out how much you can save with U-Pack, visit u-pack 's web site today at for a free moving quote.

- By MJ
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  1. Moving is a stressful activity. i have moved more than ten times in my life with belongings from a big home to small home to condos to apartment n flats n back to big home etc. moving n packing is indeed stressful. what to throw what to keep. then there is the adjustment to a new environment to handle. if there were such a company in my country i would gladly let them take over

  2. Malaysia we don't have such a company. :/ I have yet to experience moving yet. :p year I will be.

  3. At my age, I can't imagine having to pack up all my own stuff. I think I would need to movers to carry it even more than to drive it.

  4. What a beautiful area of the country you've chosen as your home - and it seems like others are joining you.

    Moving is definitely a stress! With my job loss two years ago, my retirement, etc, I am now having to move from the house I've rented for 13 years. I'm downsizing, packing...still haven't found a place...but my sons will probably move me. If I wer going any distance, this recommendation of yours sounds ideal!

  5. What a gorgeous view of the river! I've moved 3 times in the last 15 years and helped friends move. It was stressful each time.

  6. That baby is very adventurous! She so content and happy, it's great to see.

  7. Oh wow, that's a beautiful view of New River. I'm smitten by just the picture alone. Teyla is adorable and I'm sure she'd have a great time growing up there. Love it!

  8. That's a beautiful river and capturing it in photos made it look more awesome. Beautiful!

  9. little power ranger pal is such a cutie!

  10. would love to see with my own naked eyes the grandeur of the New River! great post as usual, MJ!