Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Travel Insurance

Black Eyed Susan Fluttering in the Sea Breeze
Sea Dahlia
After a wet November and December, we did not get anymore rain in January until today. Despite not getting any rain January, wildflowers are still slowly gracing the hillsides and the trail now. They are not at peak yet, but the little wildflowers blooming here and there are enough to inspire.  
Black Eyed Susan @ Sunset
Invasive Yellow Mustards 
Nature's Bouquet at Sunset
Thankfully after more than a month of drought, rain has come today. I am hoping that the coming of rain this week, and more rain next week, will bring these wildflowers to bloom and soon carpet the ground. I know it is not spring yet in most other places, but for us here, fall, winter, spring and summer co-exist :) Right now, we have rain yet a few miles from us at above 2,000 ft there is snow. There are wildflowers along the coast, valleys and desert, yet the mountain pines are still covered with snow. The trees bloom, yet their leaves still show fall colors. And last week, we had a summer like weather, it was such a delight. 
Celebrating Warmth at Broken Hill, Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego
How I wish time flies quick to bring spring and summer here soon. No, I am not referring to the spring and summer weather, but the spring and summer vacation :) Spring and summer is the time where most people are planning for a vacation. There is something about spring that calls people to go out and wander, after all it is the time where the withered leaves brought forth beautiful blooms. It is also the time where the wild animals hibernating in winter are coming out to enjoy the nice warm air and celebrate the sprouting of life everywhere. Wandering however also brings some risks, such as losing some money from hotel and flight reservations when traveling becomes not possible because of some important reasons. I had been more aware of this when in the middle of our vacation, one of us became ill, we had to cut our vacation. Having no Travel Insurance, we lost some nights from hotel stay that we could no longer cancel. Aside from health, the weather can also get in the way. Just imagine you have booked a no cancellation flight seeing and photo tour in one of Alaska's famous National Parks, however, because of bad weather, the trip is cancelled. Without Travel Insurance several thousand dollars would be lost. In expensive travel that has no cancellation policy, it is always best to be defensive because we never know what will get in the way. 
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  1. the flowers cheered me up today sis, am feeling a little physically i'd love to view more spring flower shots from you soon! as always, the blue background of your page is such a indeed is of great help to have travel insurance..i do pray you always stay as healthy as you are:)

  2. Yeah! Travel insurance is really necessary. :D

  3. I agree that having travel insurance is necessary when travelling.

  4. oh can't wait for more flower photos. maybe i should get travel insurance now since i traveled to california i guess i wanted to travel so more... maybe to Texas next time. what do you think? wink*