Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Perfect Car Connection

Photo of MJ and Teyla at a 2010 classic car show in Beckley, West Virginia, courtesy of Rog
Antiques fascinate me.

I own a pretty handsome collection of old coins tucked safely in a vintage Spiderman tin lunchbox at home. Hubby Rog and I sometimes break the box open on rainy or snowy weekend nights when we are stuck at home and tired of watching TV, and Teyla has drifted off to Dreamland. We neatly set all the coins out on the dining table and carefully scrutinize each one. Sometimes, we talk about the far off places these old coins have possibly been to. Other times, we make plans to take some of the oldest ones - like an 1800 coin from Denmark - to one of those antique road shows, just to find out how much they could be worth. Always, after an hour or so of peering at the coins' worn out, weather-beaten faces and talking about the history behind them, Rog and I round them all up and carefully place them back in the Spiderman tin box ... until the next rainy weekend night when we feel the urge to once again dig them out and look them over.

Vintage cars interest me, too, but not near as much as they fascinate Rog. He is nuts about them! Every time July rolls around - the second weekend, to be specific - I swear my hubby gets this excited, crazed look in his hazel eyes when hundreds of antique cars, trucks, street cars and bikes roll into town for the annual Friends of Coal Auto Fair.
Photo of Rog and Teyla by a "cute" classic car at the auto fair, courtesy of MJ
"Hurry up! We're gonna miss the show!," he whines in the kitchen on the day of the fair, as I rush to put my make-up on and he rushes to fill Teyla's milk bottles up and make sure her diaper bag is well stacked. Then off to town we rush in a flurry. I have to gently remind him, more than once, of the speed limit. His foot is so heavy on the gas. He's just dying to get to the antique car show as fast as possible!
We finally get there in what feels like five minutes flat. Already, noisy crowds of vintage car enthusiasts are milling about excitedly, checking out shiny old vehicles, talking with the proud owners, inspecting giant engines, posing by show cars. We join the happy crowd and bask, all afternoon, in the rich feel of history emanating from these automobiles.
Photo of MJ "test driving" a vintage car at the auto fair, courtesy of Rog
Speaking of cars, one of our close friends, Brian, who currently drives a beautiful baby blue '62 Galaxie 500, has been talking of turning his sweet ride into a just-for-car-show-car and getting a newer, more modern vehicle. He stopped by to visit over the weekend, and him and Rog surfed the net and checked out a couple of new cars.

The Audi A4 sedan is one of the cars our friend has been eyeing. Brian is a tall dude, at 6'2, so he liked the fact the A4 features improved interior and backseat room. Always nice to have enough space to stretch those long legs out! However, he was a bit turned off when he read that the back seat sits too low in the A4. The dark, hooded dash also did not appeal to him.

Rog suggested they look up Hondas, so they did. The 2011 Honda CR-Z features flashy gauges which teach the driver "green" driving. Brian liked that the CR-Z offers awesome fuel economy, compared to some coupes. CR-Z owners also bragged of six-speed clicks in great honda fashion, but shared some downsides to this car, including the fact the CR-Z's cargo hold doesn't hold much at all, city driving uses up all suspension travel, and CVT drowns all available driving fun.

The 2010 Honda Civic Premium is another car Brian says he might like to drive. Wonderful fuel efficiency and good front seats are two things to love about this car. However, the coupe lacks the trunk pass-through many other models in this class offer, and its tight backseat space is another of its weak points.

Lastly, Rog and Brian read up on the Cadillac Cts Luxury, a mid-size, rear-wheel drive sedan. Owners of this vehicle love the world-class interior quality, the many top tech features, and the terrific handling and braking. But they disliked the bulky manual gearbox and the too busy interior design.
Photo of MJ and Teyla by yet another classic car at the fair, courtesy of Rog
We wish our friend, Brian, the best as he searches for the perfect new car and urge any of you who, too, are looking to buy a car to visit www.thecarconnection.com, an awesome place to view car pictures and to read reviews, specifications, recalls and news before making that important decision.
- guest post by MJ
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  1. thanks again MJ for this post, I too love going to vintage car shows :)

  2. So cool those cars are such classics. The models are cute too. :-)

  3. No cars? It would take a long time for a computer to ever get to us.
    No computers? Well, none of you would be reading this.
    No communication devices (phones, telegrams, etc)? Well, it would take a lot of driving around in our cars to let each other know what's going on.

  4. wow, they all look so cool! hi there little PRP!