Sunday, February 27, 2011

High Definition Viewing

Time goes by very quick, so many things to do, yet so little time. :( 
hiking (2/27/11), Mt. Woodson trail, San Diego County
snowboarding (2/26/11), Big Bear Snow Summit
hking and rock scrambling (2/27/11), Mt Woodson rocks
snowshoeing (2/20/11), Mt. San Jacinto State Park
Thankfully, weekend outdoor activities never run out of options to recharge to start the work week fully energized. Experiencing nature is always my way of rejuvenating myself. From the ocean, to the valley, to the desert, and to the mountains, there is so much to take in from nature's beauty. For me, my best way to experience nature is up close, as close as I can get.  
Harbor Seals @ La Jolla (2/19/11), taken last weekend
Seals Rushing to the Water @ La Jolla (2/19/11)
Parade of the Squirrels, after the rain last weekend
However, there are so many wonderful places to see, yet we have little time to explore, and of course, little money as well. Thankfully, I can watch the crisp nature sceneries from Travel Channel and National Geographic of places that I probably will not experience in my lifetime. Watching them in High Definition TV makes it feel like I am right there experiencing nature up close and personal. To maximize the full benefits of high definition video and audio, we use HDMI cable as well. High definition viewing is made even finer and better by Optimization-World HDMI Cable. On the other hand, to freeze the wonderful memory from nature, every time we get home after weekend's wandering, my USB cables become busy. Technology has gone a long way indeed, before, it takes longer to surf the internet, download information, do bank transactions, but thankfully, cat-5 cables make it all easier now to do networking.
And now, that the weekend is slowly coming to an end, multi-tasking is something I am trying to perfect but probably never will :( While doing laundry, I do house cleaning, cooking, lesson planning, doing homework, watching Oscar Awards not from Kodak Theater ( well, I could not multi-task there) but from HDTV 
where the pictures make it look like I was right there with the stars. On top of this, my mind goes back to nature, getting inspiration from there. 
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  1. HD viewing sure makes a big difference! You are right - so much to do, but so little time!

  2. So much to do, but little time and money.

    Everybody thinks the same.

  3. HD is so in right now. I wanna get a HD TV for myself and a HD wallet is not HD. :p

  4. Hi Betchai, You have access to such wondrous places! I love your images of the snow, Harbor Seals and Squirrel Parade! :)

  5. LOVE the snow, but the squirrels are really funny.

  6. wonderful to see the squirrels and the seals. we see the seals a lot in tv etc but the squirrels is a new thing.. so many of them together

  7. hmmmn, must convince hubby to try the HD TV here. your posts are always inspiring, be it sponsored or not. :)

  8. Wonderful pictures to remind one of Nature's endless grandeur.

  9. We just got an HD TV a few months ago. Best investment ever. I love the NatGeo stuff and seeing it in HD is awesome.

    Judging by the pictures of the last while, you are super busy having outside! It is a wonder you have time to blog!

  10. The hiking and rock climbing picture is a very cool shot. Just the right angle.

  11. All that snow, looks so cold. Not for me this time. I rather chase the parade of squirrels.

  12. You do and see so much outside in nature that you should have your own Travel Channel show. :)

  13. I am in the dark ages when it comes to t.v. - don't have HD yet, may not ever. Losing my job of 21 years, two years ago really made my life change drastically. I HATE not being able to travel but, then, I think how lucky I was all those years, visiting 45 countries and 25 Caribbean islands. I am blessed to be able to see all I did. Thankfully, via the internet and through my blogging friends, I'm still getting about the world a bit!!

  14. SO much to do, so little time. I think that's what everybody complains about.

  15. What a wonderful weekend activities you had, from snow to sandy shore!