Friday, January 21, 2011

Beating the Chill Factor

~Post by MJ~
Photo of white-tailed deer resting under trees in Coal City, WV, courtesy of MJ
White-tailed deer are, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Come visit our humble home in Coal City, West Virginia, and on any given day, chances are you will be able to observe a number of them grazing quietly in the field down by the old barn or cautiously making their way across our front lawn on nimble feet. Whenever a dog barks in the distance or a lawnmower nearby chugs to a start, these peaceful creatures flee across the wide expanse that is our front yard with their signature feature, their large white tails or "flags," held up in the air - a signal of alarm. Their speed and graceful movements never fail to amaze me.

Another impressive characteristic of the whitetail is its ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures by growing a heavy winter coat to replace its autumn hair about the time the last leaf falls to the ground. Not too long ago, Rog, Teyla and I observed a lone doe tiptoe down the hill past the back door, past the crab apple tree in the front yard, across the gravel driveway and up a knoll, where it settled down in thick snow beneath a weather-beaten blue spruce.

"Now THAT'S the kind of insulation I need!" Rog said out loud, nodding in the deer's direction. He had been scraping snow and ice off the driveway that day and his nose was still red from the cold. He was rubbing his hands together in an attempt to warm them back up, and complaining about barely being able to feel his feet.
Photo of Rog clearing snow off the driveway, courtesy of MJ
I feel bad for him on days like that, when he has to work outside for an hour or more, enduring frigid temps just to make sure we can make it safely up our beast of a driveway and on to the main road. Thank God for, a web site I heard about just the other day! They offer body warmers called Super HotHands® that are air-activated hand and body warmers designed to keep a person working or having fun in the cold outdoors warm and toasty for up to 18 hours! I am seriously considering getting Rog some of these body warmers which are meant to be placed in pockets or between layers of clothing to enable outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy cold weather activities longer.

I think Rog would also benefit from having a couple of toe warmer. Say, "Bye-bye, numb feet!" Foot and toe warmers will also be very useful for folks planning to spend some time on the river and on the slopes, as well as simply anybody who is tired of walking around the house on a cold, wintry day with feet that feel like blocks of ice.'s hand warmers are 100 percent natural, something I find very appealing. This means they contain no harmful materials or batteries, unlike other warming products on the market. These natural products are made of iron, water, salt, wood fiber and activated charcoal, which means they are earth-friendly and safe.

And warmers are so easy to use! All one needs to do is take the warmer out of its packaging. It is then air activated to produce a warming all natural heat that can keep hands or feet toasty for up to 10 hours.

I smile when I imagine the look of surprise and happiness that I'm sure will appear on Rog's face when the package containing his warmers arrives in the mail! I believe they will be a tremendous help to him the next time we get a big snowfall and he has to scrape the driveway again. I imagine him whistling happily as he drives the plow up and down the road, more warm and toasty than he ever was before while working outdoors. No more aching hands and no more feet slowly turning numb! And because these products last for several hours, there's a big chance he will still be warm enough to take Teyla and I sledding after he's done working on the road!
Photo of Teyla waving hello to The Salitype Society friends and supporters, courtesy of MJ products can help us beat the chill factor and make the rest of the winter more bearable. Happy winter, y'all!

- by MJ
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  1. thanks a lot for this post MJ, I love seeing deers too, however, I get to see them here only when we go to the mountains, or along some not so much inhabited coastal valleys.

    gee, the snow in the driveway is too much, that is something that would not a very welcome thing for me to do. I love playing with snow though, but not having to live with it. We use handwarmers when we go for a very long hike in subfreezing temperatures, have not tried the foot warmers though, but the information you provided are great.

    Again, many many thanks MJ.

    Teyla is so cute.

  2. Teyla looks so cute in the snow. White tailed deer are so beautiful and peaceful. We have a desert variety near our home. Nice post, take care and stay warm!

  3. I love those warmers since I live in Michigan. I used to keep some in my pockets for my hands.

  4. That's really very cold out there.

    But I feel very hot these few days over here.

  5. It's nice seeing your snow pictures but, like betchai, visiting the snow, briefly, to play in it is good enough for me. I wouldn't want it in my world on a daily basis, having to shovel walkways and bundle up in all that paraphanalia.

  6. Very snowy indeed. :p She is so cute.

  7. awwwww waving back to you little power ranger pal!!!!