Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fresh Moment

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fresh powder.....

A brand new fresh day........

Brings a fresh smile, 

of pure joy and happiness.

Who does not want a fresh new day? Who does not want to see a bright smile that warms up a cold day? We all know the benefits of a smile, both to the receiver and to the giver. A smile brings about a happy and better mood. As a teacher, I also find smile very effective to bring up the mood of my students in motivating them to produce more quality work. When things get very challenging in the classroom sometimes, I may forget to smile, and some of my students would ask if there is anything wrong with me. Instead of responding, "no, the class is just difficult", I then would remember that the students are missing my smile. I would right away respond with a smile, and say, "no, however things are just getting a little bit tough". Once my students hear this reply, they would right away focus back to their work and give me a smile back. Sometimes, I wish it is that easy though, there are times however that when things get very rough I forget to smile. It is not because I forgot to brush my teeth, but sometimes, when things get harder, I tend to think harder instead of remembering to smile. I remember when I was younger, my late mom would always remind me to take care of my teeth so I can always give that happy smile. She said smile is our perfect medicine, however, some hesitates to smile because they do not have good set of teeth, thus, she always remind me to take care of my teeth. I did not understand it then, I was a tad lazy when I was young, my late mom had to really remind me ten times or threaten me with tooth decay if I do not brush my teeth. Now, I do not have to be reminded to brush my teeth. Though brushing teeth is not necessarily enjoyable, but I always look forward to the taste of toothpaste, weird it may sound. If not probably for the soothing taste of Tom's Of Maine peppermint toothpaste, I would still have to muster all my energy to get my teeth clean. I take pride however in spending less time at the dentist's chair every 6 months, for the dentist would always complement me for having good set of teeth, and really clean. I guess he is happy with me since he does not have to work a lot on my teeth and the insurance still pay him the same fee for others where he spends more time cleaning. 

Talking about personal hygiene, Tom's of Maine has brought us natural oral and personal care products for 40 years. The company is committed to supporting people, communities and the planet. If you have a favorite Wicked Fresh Moment memories to share, you can go to That's Wicked Fresh contest page for a chance to win a $500 Target gift card and other Wicked Fresh Prizes! Isn't this a great way to freshen up? So you will not miss latest updates on Tom's of Maine, you can join Tom's of Maine on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter@TomsofMaine.

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  1. Lovely pictures, Beth! I see your beautiful smile. Like you, I value my teeth. I hope the day never comes when i have to succumb to dentures -no way. :) Cyah around!

  2. haha, Tes, thanks for the picture you took of me, I forgot to say that the picture with me was taken by you, i love that picture so I took the liberty to use the Facebook link :)

  3. Hi, so nice to see your great smile, the sunrise and powdery snow, all cheerful and fresh!

  4. You look radiant in that picture. All smiles and you definitely make a good ad for Tom's of Maine toothpaste!

  5. Wow, you make a good toothpaste endorser, Betchai! sad we don't have that brand here but i really like peppermint. Tom's of Maine tastes good for sure!

  6. awwwww, hi there wonderwoman! love all the shots! and yah that one taken by Tesya! can't stop smiling here, you look so lovely and fresh!

  7. That truly is an image of a happy face! Lovely colors of the sky and such a beautiful sights!

  8. Your pictures always bring warmness even in the Winter. I religiously going to Dentist every 6 months too!
    Blessed Christmas Betchai!

  9. Tom's of Maine products are awesome! I love how you added your pictures to make your post more interesting.