Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Easy Way to Clean

We used to have carpeted flooring, however, because of my allergies, we had to change to low maintenance floor.
Our Living Room With Carpeted Flooring
Our Living Room After Changing the Carpet to Low Maintenance Flooring
With carpeted flooring, we used to do several steam cleaning a year. We learned about the steam cleaning method from a friend who was then looking for a house to buy in Austin, Texas. She was looking into an affordable carpet cleaning austin to help her prepare the house that she will move in. I went to the site and learned many carpet cleaning techniques such as  carpet cleaning tips pet stains, and activated charcoal for odor removal. With carpet, vacuuming is not enough to clean it from dust mites, and molds and mildew can also render a bad odor. The site offered several ways of maintaining and cleaning carpet that they provide as services. Having learned those, I searched more about it, and tried to get some of the materials necessary for cleaning.

We applied some of the techniques we learned such as high pressure steam cleaning, however, after two years, we decided to finally change our flooring and gave our high pressure steam cleaner to my mother in law. That reduced the amount of work we had to do for cleaning, but of course, I still go to the same site to get some other tips for cleaning marble, bathroom tiles, furnitures, and many more. My friend? She does it even way easier than me, she just avail what is near her, and that is cleaning services austin. 
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  1. So, then, what kind of flooring did you choose, some kind of laminate? My son and his wife did that since their two dogs were always shedding so much, no matter how much they brushed them. They were constantly having to vacuum.

  2. Again...I have to say the house is really beautiful. :)

    If cleaning is becoming too much of a is time to find an alternative like...change the flooring. :p

  3. Betchai, we too removed most of the carpeting from our home, and replaced it with tile floor. It is so much easier to care for and it looks a lot better too. I hope to have the whole house done at some point.

  4. if i could i would make your allergies vanish in thin air Betchai...would love to visit your home, someday:)

  5. Betch, what a lovely space. I like the wooden floor better