Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Guest Post By MJ

Photo of Teyla and Roachy the dog by MJ

Our baby girl is fascinated by dogs. Fluffy dogs. Hairless dogs. Big dogs. And specially little dogs.

Recently, we piled into our red SUV and drove down to Coal River to visit Bart, one of hubby's friends. Turns out Bart owns a little old beagle, Roachy, whom Teyla fell in love with almost as soon as she spotted him sitting in a pool of late afternoon sunlight on Bart's newly-mowed lawn.
"Goggy! Goggy! Goggy! (baby speak for 'doggy')" I remember her yelling excitedly, as she toddled over to the black, brown and white mutt, her little arms stretched out in front of her, ready to give him a big bear hug. Alas, Roachy was not the easy-to-get type. He scampered to his feet and took off running across the lawn with Teyla in hot pursuit. We thought it was funny - the way Roachy would run a short distance from Teyla, then sit back on his haunches and wait for her to come close. As soon as she was a few feet away, he would rise to his feet and dart off. This went on for a while, much to our amusement. But we all cheered when Roachy finally got tired of playing tag with Teyla and allowed her to give him a hug and even a little kiss. I was lucky to snap the picture of that kiss, and of course it went on Facebook.

"What an adorable picture!" a friend from Georgia who saw it commented. She then shot me an e-mail mentioning a rehabilitation center for animals just a few miles down the road from their home. "Teyla would love the animals at that place!" she said. "Come on over and visit us some time!" She then told me how happy it made her to occasionally work as a volunteer at Noah's Ark Rehabilitation Center. She shared how her hubby and their two young children sign up to support the Noah's Ark cause a couple hours a month.

I went online and read about this non-profit organization today. I was impressed to find out Noah's Ark is not only a sanctuary for scared, wounded animals - mostly babies; it is also a group home for kids from birth to 18 years of age. The magical thing about Noah's Ark is the way the children from the Children's Care Home and the wildlife from the rehab center help each other heal. The kids take part in "pet therapy," classes where they learn to care for baby wildlife to increase the chances of these animals returning to and surviving in their natural habitat eventually. Through this program, the young participants who have been abused or abandoned - much like the wildlife they are caring for - learn to relate to each other as they care for the animals that, in turn, badly need affection and attention. Talk about healing slowly as you yourself help another wounded creature heal! That is the beauty of Noah's Ark.

I wish we had our own Noah's Ark in West Virginia. I keep thinking how lucky my friend's children are to grow up with the opportunity to reach out and help heal another child's life, and a wounded animal's life, too.

Because of Noah's Ark, plus the promise of magnificent swamp parks, award-winning resorts and gardens, wild animal parks, the world's largest aquarium, historic plantations, musical theaters, to mention just a few of the state's attractions, I recently added Georgia to my list of "Places to Travel to Before I Die."

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And let's not forget Noah's Ark, friends. The non-profit gladly receives donations. Every little penny will help their noble cause. Both the animals, and the children caring for them, will be grateful.

- By MJ
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  1. thanks a lot for this post MJ, and for sharing Teyla's pictures, the picture of her kissing the dog is so cute and sweet. I am glad Teyla loves animals, and hope she grows having a concern for them.

  2. you always have beautiful stories to tell and wonderful photos to share, MJ! and yes, let us never forget Noah's Ark...

  3. adorable photos power ranger pal! i wish that my kids could one day play along with her and we could climb trees with wonderwoman and the rest of the TSS girls,
    "In this day and age, who wouldn't want to save as much they possibly could indeed?"

  4. Really enjoyed this post. Teyla is so delightful. Georgia is the state of my birth but I'd never heard of Noah's Ark - a wonderful concept!

  5. Mj my sweet friend, Teyla is so cute in the first photo :) and a very inspiring story too about Noah's Ark, never heard of it, thanks for sharing, Mj

  6. Wonderful story of Noah's Ark! Your little girl is so pretty..

  7. What an adorable picture. Noah's Ark sounds like a wonderful life saver for both animals, and humans. Here in FL they started a program where inmates in prisons adopt a stray pet. They are completely responsible for its care. Not only do they learn responsibility, something a lot of them lack, but they get a loving loyal friend in return. I think animals and humans make great partners for a lot of reasons.

  8. Special place, special pictures. Kids and animals just go together.

  9. Oh I thought this post was done by you and I thought that was your baby girl. Heheh...Just like that little girl, I am fascinated by animals since I was that age.

  10. these photos will remind you of those memories of your pretty little girl once she has grown

  11. She is so cute, such an adorable little face. Does she look like mama or papa?

  12. oh Teyla is really so cute here. Love all the photos of her. But of course love your story too sis. Take care.

  13. Loved the pictures of Teyla and the animals and learning about Noah's Ark rehabilitation center. :)

  14. you are welcome for this post, beth. thank you also for the chance to help TSS raise funds for our scholar. everyone else, thank you also for all your kind comments:)

  15. I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

  16. Whay great Pictures. Especially the ones with the dog rubbing noses with your cute Girl. It is great to have her learn about the animals at such a young age.