Monday, September 27, 2010

Time for a Boost (my search for a new cell phone)

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

(Photo of Teyla Browning, courtesy of MJ)

My baby girl, Teyla, loves my cell phone. If I happen to leave it laying on the couch for even a few seconds and she wanders by, she immediately reaches for it with her chubby little hands. If I am washing dishes in the kitchen, I'm sure to hear her squeal excitedly, "Fah! Fah! Fah!" That's baby talk for phone. If I don't come running in the next few minutes to "rescue" my phone, chances are Teyla will stick it in her mouth and start chowing down on it.

That's exactly what happened last week. I was too busy folding laundry in the bedroom. "Spongebob" was hollering on TV in the front room. And the next thing I knew, Teyla came toddling up to me, my red cell phone, covered in drool, dangling from her mouth.

My phone has been acting up since then. The other day, I had to tap it (more like bang it, really) on the sink counter just for it to turn on. Last night, it suddenly went dead in the middle of a phone call to a friend. I don't believe the battery could be the problem because I bought a new battery just last month. I suspect moisture from Teyla playing with it has finally caused irreversible damage and, lately, I have seriously been thinking about getting a new phone.

Well, a friend told me about Boost Mobile today and I've wasted no time in checking out its web site. I've always been the type of customer who likes to do a lot of research on a certain product before deciding whether to purchase it or not, so I spent quite some time reading about Boost Mobile, and these are the features I love about it:

Turns out Boost Mobile phones are social in nature. That's a big plus for someone like me who is unabashedly addicted to Facebook! The phone I have right now is ancient and, sadly, offers me no Internet connection whatsoever. That was perfectly fine years ago when people were content with checking their e-mail once a day. But in this day and age when everyone - even your grandma! - has a Facebook and/or Twitter account, how sad is it if you have to wait to get to a computer to check yours? After years of being unable to connect to social media from my old CP, I think the time has come to pick one that will allow me to update Facebook and Twitter while I wait in line at Wal-Mart or try to stay awake through a boring sermon at church. Boost Mobile phones can allow me to do this. How cool is that?! But wait .. it gets even better: For one price per month, a Boost Mobile phone can give me unlimited connectivity to Facebook! For a Facebook addict like me, the words "unlimited connectivity" sound like sweet music to my ears.

This simply means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I can be in constant touch with friends and family all over country, all over the world. Nevermind if I lose Internet connection at home, which sometimes happens, like a month ago (due to a technical glitch and some lazy repairmen, we were without Internet for almost an entire week! Imagine what a sad and stressful time that was for me, a social network chic who thinks Facebook is the best invention yet since disposable diapers!) With Boost Mobile, I can access Facebook or Twitter from my phone and not have to wait on those silly Internet repairmen to show up!

Boost Mobile offers the customer different ways of making payments, which is another thing I like. It's kinda like going to a salad bar as opposed to ordering a plain old salad. You walk up to a salad bar with your empty plate, and there is this air of excitement as you gaze at the wide array of veggies and dressings in front of you. You have the option of picking out lettuce and tomatoes, and leaving alone those weird tasting green olives and hot peppers. You can pour Ranch dressing on your salad. Or if you want Thousand Island, I'm sure they have that, too. The Boost Mobile payment options are a lot like that - so varied!

You can pay online with your credit or debit card if you want. Imagine not having to use a stamp ever to make your phone payment! Over time, you could save all kinds of money this way! Imagine not having to drive all the way to a Re-boost location nearby - and maybe even in the middle of winter - to pay your bill! You could set up your account to make automatic payments. Or you could make one-time payments instead.

But those of us who are a bit old-fashioned and don't want to pay online can always find a Re-Boost location nearby and go there in person to make the payments. That's fine, too. For sure, the center will have kind customer service reps who can receive our payments if we so choose to show our cheerful faces there.

Another option is to pay by phone with a credit or debit card. Automatic payments can be made this way, as well as one-time payments. How convenient is that! No stamps either with this method. And think of it- you can even make a payment while driving down the road (although it's probably safer to wait until the car is not in motion, but still, what an awesome possibility!)

Boost Mobile allows us to surprise friends and family! Imagine this: You call up Boost Mobile to make your monthly payment only to hear the friendly voice of the customer rep on the other side of the line say, "Your bill has already been paid!" How surprised and happy do you think you would feel to hear that? I know I would be thrilled! Boost Mobile allows you to do this, or friends and family to do this for you. You can add money to their Boost Mobile account using a credit or debit card without tying the card to their account. I think this is a really neat feature!

Some of the popular Boost Mobile phones I have been eyeing are the Blackberry Curve- 8350i and the Sanyo Juno.

The Blackberry Curve- 8350i has Wi-Fi capability, built-in 2.0MP camera with enhanced flash and 5x zoom, GPS (perfect for someone like me who loves to travel!), QWERTY keyboard and trackball navigation. The Blackberry Monthly Unlimited plan features unlimited nationwide talk, text, web and e-mail. If I were to get a Blackberry from Boost Mobile, I think I would sign up for this plan.

The Sanyo Juno also features a digital camera, has hi-res 22" color display and dedicated 1-click keys, among other outstanding features.

So, here I go, guys! Wish me luck as I try to decide which Boost Mobile phone to get! I'm like a kid in a candy store right now, looking at all the different phones Boost Mobile has to offer. No matter which one I pick, I have a feeling I will be very satisfied. Teyla might not be too happy though because I guarantee you, a Boost Mobile phone is definitely not one I will carelessly leave on the couch for her to find and chew on. My old phone, maybe ... but not a Boost Mobile. Sorry, Teyla:)

- by MJ

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  1. oh Teyla is so cute MJ, very adorable. thanks for this ton of information you shared, I like your comparison of the diffrent forms of payments to a salad bar :) Actually, I think one of the reasons I did not buy unlimited text is because my cell has data plan, and I can get YIM like texts and I do not have to pay extra :) If I am not too sleepy in the morning or in the afternoon after school, I browse my email and Facebook in the bus, otherwise, I am most of the time in dreamland while in the bus, thankfully, our place is the last stop so I don't miss the stop :)

  2. go for it, MJ! that sounds such a good deal. :)

  3. All very interesting. I like my son's new Droid. He is constantly looking things up on Google. We will be discussing things, ie, How high are Angel Falls? Jeremy says to his phone - How high are Angel Falls? Instantly, we have the answer. Next, how many rupees in a dollar. Ditto, instantaneous. I like that!

  4. She is a cutie for sure, and I have more mishap with my cell phone than anyone I know too!

  5. say thankyou to your cute baby girl for giving you an opportunity to buy a new phone.

    i would like to have a look on some of the samsung mobiles like Galaxy and all. am using a samsung gts5620. its pros are excellent touch scren and longest battery life i have seen for such a phone.

    camera is 3mp and excellent in daylight but pics may get blurres in low light. hav a nice image editor.

    cons are it has no multitasking,applications stops being active if you minimize them, no copy text option in text editor, less phone memory and says phone mem full when loading huge web pages. i think android phones of samsung will be damn better and value for your money.

  6. She's adorable and the new phone options sound fantastic!

  7. Boost is a great program. I had a similar plan for Dustin, and it works out well. Just reload when you need it.

  8. Sis... congrats on this post. Love it. Love Teyla's smile so captivating. Glad that you have time to share your talent and got the chance to do what you enjoy... writing. great post.

  9. Teyla is adorable. Thank you for this post, girlash! Good luck on the phone-hunt!